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Mockingjay part 2 was a disappointment

Updated on December 8, 2015

Hunger games, Mockingjay, young adult film, YA adaptation, blockbuster, Jennifer Lawrence,

My Summary: Well Katniss is now the symbol that will inspire and lead the revolution against the capitol and Snow. But she is becoming more and more vengeful than courageous and Peeta is struggling to stay sane. They have decided to kill Snow so their mission is on to find him and kill him without being killed first.

The Good: Jennifer Lawrence has driven this franchise with her unforgettable performance as Katniss Everdeen and here is no exception. She possesses the strength, confusion, and complexities such a character demands. She knows how to switch from sad to angry to relief to motivated. She has never disappointed me with her acting from the very beginning. The build up within the film is both the film's strength and weakness. There is so much tension all throughout the film and no one is safe. The innocent young adult vibe that most YA adaptations possess is gone and what you are left with is an exhilarating political struggle as well as human struggle between ambiguous characters. People are being killed, bombs go off, sacrifices are made, families are ruined and you feel like it could never end. The problem is you know it has to end. Characters begin to change, allies become harder to trust, people get betrayed, and Katniss is the most important person who the entire rebellion needs to keep alive to defeat Snow. She is basically Batman in the Dark Knight. Peeta shocked me at just how strong of a character he became. I'll be honest I couldn't care less about Peeta through the series. He just never intrigued me or impressed me with his performance because his character isn't given much to do. Now he has to switch from being paranoid to normal and it is phenomenal. He projects a conflicting character who has been tortured to the point of insanity. I actually was surprised at how little paranoid Joanna is throughout the film. Maybe they didn't torture her as much. But Peeta impressed me in this film and I'm glad they at least gave him a better arc than his previous films.

The Bad: Before anyone says that this franchise is too big to provide a strong enough ending I will say the last Harry Potter which had a longer series and much more hype had satisfied me with its last film. Now then, this film blew it! The story was so formulaic I started to notice early on. It would be action, tragedy, Peeta out of control, Katniss contemplating, then back to action and all over again. But the problem is how much build up it had and how it all ended. The way it ended it all had to be the most rushed, poorly executed, uncreative solution I had seen. I knew they were going to blow it because the build up kept going and going and once it had already been 3/4 of the movie I knew they couldn't end it well in just 1/4 of the time left. Honestly, I predicted what was going to happen once they showed Katniss prepared to shoot her arrow. After she did what she did I knew that was all they had.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe Katniss killing Moore's character was all the climax was. All the build up and that's all we get? They even decided to go with the Harry Potter cheesy ending scene where they show her married with Peeta (even though they show Gale and Katniss clearly have some strong moments between each other but I guess the author was just like screw you man) and they have a baby. The reason it worked in Harry Potter is because they made their climax work with Harry and Voldemort fighting each other and the surprise that Neverlongbottom saved the day actually paid off. In short, Harry Potter earned that cheezy ending, Mockingjay didn't. Yeah after all that fighting, leading the rebellion, freeing an entire world (which of course is what happens because as soon as you overthrow a political leader there is no negative outcomes to that, everything is perfectly fine now), and after all that she is just a regular delicate little housewife who has finally found her purpose after all that she has been through. Now before anyone accuses me of being too critical of her role as a mother I'm just saying the ending literally had no build up to it, no talk about what it means to be a parent, no talk about Peeta and Katniss actually getting married, and no lesson being discussed until the very end. In short, you could literally take out the entire ending part and you'd lose nothing!

Verdict: Disappointment

If you just want entertainment and aren't as nitpicky as I am you probably might get some enjoyment out of this one. It definitely isn't awful but for ending a strong franchise it failed on a massive scale. I just feel it could have been great but it had too big of a problem with paying off after building up for too long. I honestly felt they should have made a third one because this was all buildup to me. I enjoyed the performances and the action as well as the dark tone. I honestly don't find it too dark for young adults since the last film's ending literally freaked me out. I'm sure everyone who has read the books or followed the film series will feel obligated to see this. Just don't come in with high hopes because it will most likely disappoint.


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