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Modern Family S02E17 Two Monkey and Panda Sofia Vergara Manny

Updated on March 3, 2011

Awesome Review of Modern Family | Manny Delgado Rocks

Get ready for an awesome review of Modern Family S02E17 Two Monkey and a Panda. Watch Modern Family S02E17 only on legal sites. Manny Delgado is of course my favorite character and Sofia Vergara is crazy hot. You can watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows on free internet TV. Watch full episodes online.

Although Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, I have to say that this episode might have been a little weak. But it still was the funniest thing on TV this week. That means that Modern Family is a Solid Show and I am a huge fan. But this episode, although interesting and quirky, did not have the close my eyes, mouth wide open appeal that characterize some of the jokes on earlier episodes of Modern Family. But still, Modern Family S02E17 Two Monkey and a Panda, is a highly watchable episode of a great and awesome show.

Modern Family S02E17 Two Monkey and Panda

You can even watch Modern Family Online. I am not sure if Hulu has it but it probably does. If you don’t live in the US then Hulu might not work for you and finding Modern Family S02E17 online may be a bit of a problem. But search around and you will find it for sure. So Anyway, on with the show -

Before we go anywhere, I must get something very clear about this article on Modern Family S02E17 Two Monkey and a Panda -

“Although I do not give away blatant spoilers, I do set up the show nicely But if you are sensitive to spoilers then consider this a spoiler alert”

Sofia Vergara and Manny Delgado

Ok so this episode is about adopting. That is the central theme of the show but of course, as always there are counter themes and narratives revolving around the main. The intro is out of this world funny. Plenty of wordplay ensues and with Cam making funny baby noises and Mitchell talking incessantly about Kale, it is funny but borders on almost too cute. Two Monkeys and a Panda is also word play but I will leave it to you to find out what it means exactly. Manny Delgado, one of my favorite characters makes the show even more awesome and his mom played by the ever so gorgeous Sofia Vergara is insanely hot.

Manny is the coolest character in the show. He is at his very best as he reveals who his current girlfriend is or reveals something about her. I like his kid suave attitude. I am not going to say much about the two girls but they are cute and already turning out to be excellent young actors.

Snippets from Two Monkey and Panda

Phil is so utterly clueless about everything, his character annoys sometimes. There I said it! And Clair is too bossy. I am a little contemptuous of the bossy wife character that was made so famous with Every Body Loves Raymond’s wife (yeah I call the guy “Everybody Loves Raymond”). But it might be getting clichéd.

But the Pritchetts are incredible. Sofia Vergara is there of course but the kid Manny Delgado is so funny. I love his character. Manny Delgado is my hero, if only for his hot mom Sofia Vergara.

And Cam is really insecure again but this time he is right because Mitchell has done something funny and terrible. This is the other narrative that centers closely around the main theme and is the funniest one in the show.

Manny is cool but all in all an emasculating episode that was funny in its own modern way ( I made a word play)

All in all, Modern Family S02E17 Two Monkey and a Panda is rather good episode but of course, I will have my grouse with certain aspects of the show because I am a bit of a nerd.


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    • lisa42 profile image

      lisa42 7 years ago from Sacramento

      Love this show!