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Modern Family "iPhone" Episode: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Notice

Updated on March 16, 2015
Funny on so many levels
Funny on so many levels

Episode Facts

  • Season 6, Episode 16
  • 136th episode in the series
  • Episode Name: Connection Lost
  • Aired on February 25, 2015
  • Summary: Claire is at the airport, boarding a flight back to home as she tries to get in touch with Haley after a big fight the other day. She cannot get hold of Haley and her computer becomes the junction of the entire family's activities.

The 16th episode of Modern Family’s sixth season was way too modern in literal sense. We all know how TV shows and movies show a device or a cell phone to snap pictures here and there. But for this, the show creators used almost all modern Apple devices to shoot the episode. And what’s interesting is that Apple has denied they didn’t pay for the episode.

Although many show viewers have “claimed” that they have skipped the iPhone “commercial” episode, I for one am glad I did not skip. It was shot entirely from iPhone 6, Macbook Pro. I actually liked it a lot. We got to see many small details and tidbits of Claire’s life and perspective, in addition to these 10 things you might have missed in the episode. Let’s start.

1. What’s for Dinner?

Chicken and something.

Right the first moment when Claire is texting Haley to get over the last night’s fight, there is a previous conversation in which Haley texts to ask what’s for dinner that night. Now this is hilarious on so many levels. One, Haley being Haley – a modern girl who communicates with her mom in the same house by texting (remember the very first episode of Modern Family?), and two, Claire’s innocent answer – “Chicken and something else.” Boy did I get a chuckle out of that.

2. Claire does not have followers on her Pinterest board.

She has bookmarked the Pinterest board page on her browser, and has also invited others to pin on her board. Sadly, none of them have followed her "Getting Organized" board.

3. Her Facebook cover photo is from 2011.

And was probably taken in Wyoming. And oh, she is reading a “I got married in a cult” article on instead of The Telegraph. How so?

Btw, she looks cool in that profile photo.
Btw, she looks cool in that profile photo.

4. Claire had two fake profiles on Facebook, and now both are busted.

Remember the iSpy episode of Season 5? Haley had already found that her mom was trying to friend her by using a fake profile with the name “Margeaux LaCroix”. On last night’s episode, we can still see her fake profile saved into her Macbook browser.

Alex probably knew about both of her fake profiles (it is not shown if she knew about Margeaux), but Haley found out about Brodie Kendall that night.

5. Breakfast Spot is one of her favorite contacts on Facetime.

Krista Levitan is also one her favorite contacts!

Krista Levitan is the wife of Steven Levitan, the creator of Modern Family. I wonder how Claire came in contact with Krista. Maybe Krista needed recommendations on revamping her bedroom and getting a closet. Hmm.

6. Meditation is on her to-do list.

Which, according to her, is the same as buying wine.

7. Snoopy Claire – Luke’s Closet

Why is “Luke’s Closet” in her to do list? Is it Claire just being Claire or is Claire being mom in general?

8. Alex actually sent her five different revisions for the essay.

That is six times. Wow! I wonder why she could not wait for her mom to come back home and then let her read her college essay. Maybe she was getting late for submission but she was too desperate. Either way, the conversation between her and Claire throughout the episode was one of the most hilarious and strong points. Here are the five titles Alex sends for her essay revisions:

- New updated version

- Revised New updated version

- NEW New Updated Version

- Final New Updated Version 4

- Revised New Updated Version REVAMP

9. Alex completely revamped the final version of her essay.

Claire got distracted into surfing as she started reading Alex’s “revamp” version. Coincidentally, Alex’s story also includes “most culture exists purely to distract us from truth.”

In addition, she made a sneaky addition to the sixth line – “...and I know you’re not reading this, mom.” Claire does not get past even the second line and sends Alex a message saying she loved the essay, essentially proving Alex is the boss.

Alex testing Claire in her essay
Alex testing Claire in her essay | Source

10. It wasn't an Apple commercial, but a Garrett Popcorn commercial!

Who would have thought? Claire probably bought the popcorn from one of the two Garrett Popcorn locations in Chicago O'Hare International Airport.


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"What are you doing inside my phone?"


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