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Modern Talking

Updated on April 13, 2015

Modern Talking has traces its roots back to 1982, when Dieter Bohlen (born Dieter Gunter Bohlen on February 7 1954)met Thomas Anders (born Bernd Weidung on March 1 1963 for the first time.

At that time, Thomas was working on a solo singing career while Bohlen was employed by Hansa (then known as Intersong) as a producer, composer and singer

The duo quickly began producing some German language singles but didn't meet much success. Towards the end of 1984, they formally anglicized their stage name from 'Modernes Gesprach' to Modern Talking and released their first English language single, "You're My Heart, You're My Soul". The song propelled them to unexpected stardom and fanfare when it occupied top-spot in 35 countries including Germany. By 1985, the duo had released their eponymous album which contained their second single, "You Can Win If You Want" and a famous ballad, "There's Too Much Blue In Missing You", the Modern Talking song wherein the lead vocals were sung by Dieter Bohlen.

You're My Heart, You're My Soul (1984)

You Can Win If You Want (1985)

There's Too Much Blue In Missing You (1985)

Success towards the mid 1980s

Released in October, 1985, the group's sophomore LP, "Let's Talk About Love" which featured the smash "Cheri Cheri Lady" cemented their place as a worthy musical act and not just a one hit/album wonder and this is when their album sales really began to take off across Europe, South America and Asia including Iran, where the then recent Islamic revolution had banned almost all western music.

By 1986, Modern Talking released their biggest hit and their signature song, "Brother Louie" and the accompanying album, "Ready for Romance". The single not only kept up their steady trend of topping most mainland European charts but also enjoyed significant airplay in the UK and Canada signalling that the door was almost about to open for them in the United States, where they were almost unknown like most European synthpop groups.

Cheri Cheri Lady (1985)

Brother Louie (1986) (No video)

Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. for Love) (1986)

First split (1987)

However, the good times weren't to last forever - During the release of the group's 4th and 5th albums towards the end of 1986 and early '87, tensions between Bohlen and Anders reached their boiling point, in part due to constant bickering between Anders' then wife, Nora Balling and Dieter. Towards the end of 1987, the group's 6th album, "In the Garden of Venus" featuring the single and a very catchy video for "In 100 Years" was released posthumously, 3 months after the duo had split and gone their separate ways. It is said that the two hated each other so much that during the filming of the video for "In 100 Years", Dieter and Thomas had to be filmed separately. After the split, Dieter Bohlen formed his own dance-music group, "Blue System" while Thomas once again embarked on a solo career and moved to Los Angeles.

In 100 Years (1987)


In 1994, Thomas moved back to Koblenz, Germany and it is around this time that Dieter telephoned him to just ask "how he was". Soon after that, they began staying in touch infrequently but at no point was there any sign or suggestion that they will one day reunite as Modern Talking.

However, in 1998 and to every fan's joy and surprise, Bohlen and Anders did reunite as Modern Talking and made a guest appearance on the German game show, "Wetten Daas..?" A new album, "Back For Good" (which to date is their biggest selling album) was released, mostly containing remixes of their songs from the 80's along with 2 new singles, "Anything Is Possible" and "We Take The Chance". The remixed versions of "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", "Cheri Cheri Lady" and "Brother Louie" were released as singles and featured more rapping by American rapper Eric Singleton. The sales of the albums and singles were huge and it ensured Modern Talking's comeback was a gamble that paid off and that they were indeed 'back for good'.

You're My Heart, You're My Soul' 98

Brother Louie' 98

Success during the late 90's until the final split in 2003

The trend to release an album every year featuring a couple of singles laden with rapping by Eric Singleton became the norm for the next 3 years until Eric parted ways with the group. In 2003, during touring for the 'Universe' album (which to date featured very slick production and songs including 'TV Makes A Superstar', "Mystery" and "Nothing But The Truth", Dieter suddenly announced on stage that he was closing the Modern Talking saga once and for all, citing too much workload and the group released their last album entitled "The Final Album" which was essentially a collection of all their singles released from 1984 to 2003.

You Are Not Alone (1999)

China In Her Eyes (2000)

Last Exit To Brooklyn (2001)

Juliet (2002)

T.V. Makes The Superstar (2003)


To this date, Modern Talking enjoys a massive following from most Eurodance and Europop fans (Especially from mainland Europe, Asia, South America and Russia) and Thomas Anders activity performs many Modern Talking songs along with his own singles when he's touring.

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    • Hackslap profile image

      Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Cheri Cheri Lady was a smash in '85 and was remade for 'Back for Good' with Eric Singleton rapping on it ... their signature song's 'Brother Louie' though

    • profile image

      temptor94 3 years ago

      This is a very interesting article on Modern Talking. I have only heard one of their songs, Cheri Cheri Lady, and I just love it. Nice to know about their history :)

    • Hackslap profile image

      Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Thanks for the comment Thelma. .yeah I was a big fan of MT when I was living up in Asia but my like for continental Europop from the 80's slowly faded away ..also I did hear Dieter Bohlen as a person's quite a prick ..

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 3 years ago from Germany

      Great review! I like Modern Talking music although I don´t like Dieter Bohlen. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice sunday!