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Monster High: Who are the minor Characters? How can you draw Venus Mcflytrap, Nefera de Nile, Operetta, Gigi & more.

Updated on November 10, 2013

Monster High is a great concept - sons and daughters of infamous monsters around the world, do I need to say anymore to make it sound cool?

In this hub I have included a brief outline of a lot of the minor characters we meet at the school. I have also included a link for buying the doll that goes with them and a video about how to draw these great characters.

The Monster High Skull:

A very fitting badge of a skull is what is used to represent the school of Monster High. I have included it first so you can see how to draw it before moving onto the more complicated drawing of the actual characters.

Monster High skull
Monster High skull | Source

Venus Mcflytrap

Venus Mcflytrap
Venus Mcflytrap | Source

Interesting facts:

Daughter of: The plant Monster

Age: 15

GFF's [Ghoul friends forever] Lagoona Blue and Gillington Webber

Apperance: Venus has light green skin with hot pink and green hair. This is shaved on one side and swept to the left. Vines are entangled around her arms, ankles and neck. Her mouth is full of protruding teeth too.

Pets: Chewlian is a sentient Venus Flytrap with a mouth full of sharp, shiny white teeth. He looks like he has a mohawk.

Venus Mcflytrap

Venus Mcflytrap is the daughter of the Plant Monster. She is very passionate about the environment and its care. Although she can come across as being tough and intimidating, she is actually very compassionate. This is especially true when it comes to plants and her friends, who she relies on to support her in her fight to save and care for plants.

She is very 'bold and in your face', very much like her style of clothes. She is so passionate in what she believes that she will do anything to get results, even if this means using force.

Nefera De Nile

Nefera De Nile
Nefera De Nile | Source

Interesting facts:

Daughter of: The mummy

Age: Three years older than her younger sister Cleo. She says she is ageless though.

GFF's [Ghoul friends forever] None because she likes to rule alone.

Appearance: Nefera's hair is Nile blue with thick highlights of gold and black. She often wears a ponytail which is placed through a gold headdress.

Like her sister, she has a diamond shaped birthmark on her face however, this is orange unlike her sisters which is blue.

Pets: Azura is a light blue and gold scarab beetle. It sports jewels around its neck.

Nerfera De Nile

Nefera De Nile is the older sister of Cleo de Nile. She is a former student of Monster High who also captained the fear squad. She is the first child of The Mummy.

She often returns to Monster High, if only to torment her younger sister. She believes she is better than everyone, almost perfect in fact and therefore she can be very vain and hostile.


Operetta | Source

Interesting facts:

Daughter of: The Phantom of the Opera

Age: 16 (Phantom years)

GFF's: [ Ghoul Friends forever] Holt Hyde and Deuce Gorgon

Apperarance: Operetta has light purple skin with bright red and black hair. This is usually in a 1950s style. Music related tattoos are all over her arms; she also has a music themed scar on her face. She does cover this with a spiderweb patterned, musical note shaped mask, to copy her father. She has a black beauty mark under her lips on the left side. She has stunning blue-grey eyes and her eyebrows are purple.

Pets: Memphis her pet spider


Operetta is the child of the Phantom of the Opera. She is a perfectionist and is independent in whatever she does, so much so she hate being told what to do. She can be mistaken for being bitter and frigid but she is really very warm and a great friend.

This is shown with her big heart and wonderful spirit. She has a massive flair for music. Her passion is unmatched by anyone. To sum her up, she is like her music, independent and free.


Twyla | Source

Interesting facts:

Daughter of: The boogey man

Age: 14

GFF's: [Ghoul friends forever] Howleen Wolf and Spectra Vondergeist

Appearance: Twyla has a blue-grey skin and her eyes are pink, although they glow green in the dark. She has silver hands and lower legs, and silver coloured patterns at the top of her legs which curl up from her feet. Her hair, which is very long and reaches to her waist, is green and has blue and purple stripes running through it.

Pets: Dustin the rabbit.


Twyla is the daughter of the Boogey Man. She is a shy and misunderstood monster. She loves to be alone and surrounded by shadows. One reason for this is that she can become invisible due to her powers when surrounded by them. She can also move very swiftly from shadow to shadow. She finds this very useful because she can get intimidated easily, and so uses shadows to escape.

She likes to hide under 'normies' beds to capture their nightmares. This is very different to her father who adds to them, so this shows a very nice side to her.

Gigi Grant

Gigi Grant
Gigi Grant | Source

Interesting facts:

Daughter of: The Genie

Age: 15

GFF's: [Ghoul friends forever] Everyone

Apperance: She has pale pink skin with freckles. Her eyes are green and she has hot pink hair with gold highlights running through it. She wears it in a ponytail often.

Pets: Sultan Sting, a scorpian.

Gigi Grant

Gigi Grant is the daughter of the Genie, and as such she is a genie herself and lives in a lantern. She has a shadow, called Whisp, who is evil because she wants to become a genie herself. This is shown because Gigi lives to the rules of the lantern and yet Whisp doesn't. She is jealous of Gigi and wants to have her own friends too.

Gigi can be lonely and very bored when trapped in her lantern though. She feels claustrophobic in there too.

There is a scorpion theme with her; her arms and legs seem to have scorpion segmentation to them, and her hair is in the style of a scorpion tal.


She is clever, mischievous and funny. However, she is also very jealous of Gigi and thus can cause her problems. She possess a little amount of magic herself and can use this to her advantage. She is identical to Gigi but tries to look different by having dark purple hair and wears dark purple, blue and black.

She doesn't have legs though as her lower body tails off to resemble smoke like a genie's tail.

Nobody can see her expect Gigi and this makes it impossible for her to make friends - another fact that makes Whisp very jealous of Gigi as she wants friends too.


Whisp | Source


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