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Morality on American TV

Updated on October 22, 2012

It is good to see the shock and outrage that some people have exhibited because of Tom Hanks' accidentally dropping the much dreaded "F-bomb" on live morning TV. This is simply unacceptable. The vast majority of people watching morning talk shows are stay at home moms or unemployed women, who have probably never heard a swear word like that before. Also, the one or two children that may have heard it were either too small to understand what was going on, or probably already have a much bigger vocabulary when it comes to swearing than we give them credit for.

This leaves the women who watch morning TV who were so outraged by this swearing and the media. What is this society coming to? Hearing swearing on morning, afternoon or prime-time TV is a horror that is only eclipsed by split second views of Janet Jackson's nipple, or women wearing scanty clothes or no clothes at all. These will surely lead to to the moral and mental collapse of Americans both young and old.

Why can't we just stick to showing wholesome TV like what we see on the local news and almost all prime-time shows and movies? Killing, murder, natural disasters, accidents, guns, blood. This is what quality, enjoyable TV should be about. Once swearing and nudity is allowed into the mix, who knows where it will stop?

Children especially should be shielded from nudity and swearing and instead be bombarded by shows, films and video games involving bloody gun fights, zombies getting their heads blown off, car chases, explosions and fighting and war. These all lead to the well rounded, confident, secure and safe society that America should be. It is the sex and swearing that we see creeping into our media that is slowly undoing all the good that blood and gore on TV has instilled into our moral fabric over the past 40 years or so.

Look at the rest of the countries in the world where the opposite is true, mostly in Europe, where adult sex and nudity is hardly controlled and even considered natural(!). Many of these countries have controls over the levels of blood, gore and violence that can be shown on TV. And where has it gotten them? Sure, low murder rates, much safer streets, and hardly any gun violence, but they have legal prostitution and red light districts, the horror!!

This is why swearing and nudity rightly raises such indignation in many peoples' puritan, wholesome way of thinking in America. Promiscuity and swearing are evils that need to be stamped out in our society, in order to leave room for the glorification of blood, guns, violence and other character building ideas.

Let's all stand together against swearing and nudity, to keep this country on the upward spiral with good ole' down home violence and aggression, they way we are meant to be.



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