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Free Gay Short Films Online - More Gay Movies

Updated on April 5, 2011

So my other hub Free Gay Movies You Can Watch Online is still my most viewed hub and gets most constant views. So I'm there are some gay viewers out there, or some straight people interested in this subject, who want see more of these independent short films. They are nice to watch as they are usually as real as it gets. Well most of them. Some are just over the top...

Part 1

Part 2

Another short with two young male friends. One is obviously more open to showing the attraction at first, until he other gives in. If only I had a friend like this when I was that age haha. This one even has a kiss! Where do they get these kids?

This one is done by actual high school students for a high school project. What school is this? and where is it? Very interesting! It takes a lot of courage to make a movie like this when you are that age.

Ta (Okay)

VIEWER DISCRETION - There is some explicit (nothing shown) activity.

This isn't an English film, but that doesn't even matter.  There are English subtitles and minimal dialogue anyways.  This movie says a lot without words.  I'll just say that.


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    • profile image

      Simon felix 5 years ago

      Am newly ned gay partner pls

    • profile image

      NancyBoy 6 years ago

      Here's another one to add to your list:

    • profile image

      Max 6 years ago

      I totally agreed that the American "Queers as Folk", that was filmed in Canada. it is by all mean the best that have come out to the public, where it is a clear despiction of a regular gay lives on a daily basic.

    • profile image

      roughboy 6 years ago

      Another gay movie was my first ever gay movie to watch, was nice. But I think the movie I really liked was beautiful thing. For gay tv series I think I really like Queer as Folk. For those who do not know which gay movies or gay tv shows to get visit