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10 Great Katy Perry Songs You Probably Haven't Heard

Updated on March 28, 2013

What is (A) Katy Perry?

These are 10 more songs by Katy Perry that most people probably haven't heard. The first list is The 10 Best Katy Perry Songs You Probably Haven't Heard. Several of the songs in this list come from her unreleased album (A) Katy Perry. Perry had recorded a full album for Columbia Records that was scheduled for release in 2005. The label later decided that they didn't know how best to promote the record, so the album release was canceled. Perry was later dropped from her Columbia contract. The album was produced by Glen Ballard and Katy Perry. Ballard is the producer who broke Alanis Morrisette.

A promo DVD was in production to promote the album. A preview of the promo is available, which features some excerpts from the songs on the album. Most songs from (A) Katy Perry are on Youtube. But there are a few that aren't available. Perry has talked about putting unreleased songs on a future album. She said on a forum that she would like to re-record a song called Sherlock Holmes that she wrote with Ballard. This song isn't available anywhere at the moment.

This is the promo video. You will see that she went by the name Katheryn Perry at this time.

Weigh Me Down

Weigh Me Down was recorded for the unreleased Columbia album (A) Katy Perry. It was written by Katy Perry, Scott Cutler and Anne Preven.

Spend the Night

Spend the Night is a very different type of song for Perry. It's more of an R&B style. This was apparently recorded after Perry was dropped by Columbia Records as she experimented with different kinds of sounds.


Naturally is a song from Perry's gospel album titled Katy Hudson. The album was released in 2001. It only sold a few hundred copies. Only one song was released from the album but it got little airplay. Naturally was written by Katy and Scott Faircloff.

Takes One to Know One

Takes One to Know One was written by Perry and Ted Bruner for (A) Katy Perry.

The Better Half of Me

The Better Half of Me was written by Katy Perry and Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes for the (A) Katy Perry album. Katy and Linda also wrote an unavailable song called Now That It's Over.

It's Ok to Believe

Once again, another (A) Katy Perry song and another collaboration with Glen Ballard and Matt Thiessen. An excerpt of the song appeared in the promo video for the album.

Hook Up

Hook Up is another (A) Katy Perry song. It was later sold to Kelly Clarkson. This appeared on Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted album with the title I Do Not Hook Up. She also recorded another Perry song called Long Shot.

Katy Perry on her Hello Katy tour in 2009
Katy Perry on her Hello Katy tour in 2009 | Source


Diamonds was written by Perry, Glen Ballard and Matt Thiessen for (A) Katy Perry. This song has a video that was recorded for the planned promo DVD. The video was set in Paris, France.

Psycho Love

I'm not sure where this song came from. It may have been recorded for either One of the Boys or (A) Katy Perry but didn't make it onto the final album. The song was written with Ted Bruner. He co-wrote songs for both albums with Perry. He also co-wrote Bullet and Girl Next Door, which were written by Perry and other songwriters for country singer Jessie James. Perry recorded demos of both Bullet and Girl Next Door that are available on YouTube.

Speed Dialin

Speed Dialin was recorded for the album (A) Katy Perry. However, it didn't make it onto the final planned album. The song was written by Perry and Guy Chambers.


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    • TeachableMoments profile image

      TeachableMoments 4 years ago from California

      I recently fell in love with Katy Perry. I took the time to really listen to her lyrics and I realized what an amazing and loving person she is. I will definitely check out these songs. Thanks!

    • Learn Things Web profile image

      Learn Things Web 4 years ago from California


      The songs most people are familiar with have fun but not deep lyrics. But most of her lyrics are very introspective and meaningful. They're a diary of her life. That's the main reason I like her and because she's really good at acoustic music as well.

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