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Garage Bands: The Syndicate, Los Angeles 1965. Never-Before-Released Songs.

Updated on March 17, 2015
The Syndicate circa 1965
The Syndicate circa 1965

When I originally posted my hub on The Syndicate entitled "Garage Bands: The Syndicate, Los Angeles 1965. Our Story and Songs." I had only maintained contact with, and knew the whereabouts of, one other Syndicate member (Bill Patapoff) . I didn't have a clue about the whereabouts of the other three Syndicate members.

Moreover, I only posted the four songs we recorded in 1964-65 that were released on the Dore and Dot record labels.

Well, thanks to that original article, I have since made contact with two other Syndicate members and have obtained four more songs we recorded at the same time as the others but never saw officially released due to our break up.

Here's how it happened.

A colleague of Bob Bourbon's read that article was able to ascertain that Bob was an original member. Shortly thereafter we made contact.

Mike Staxx, the publisher of "Ugly Things", a magazine devoted to "the wild sounds of past dimensions", also read that article and subsequently featured The Syndicate in his publication (Spring/Summer 2012). It was due to the tenacious efforts of Mike while researching for that article that I was able to make contact with Bill Rash.

Bill Patapoff, the only Syndicate member who maintained the actual vinyl copy of our four "missing" songs, was kind enough to pass them on to me.

As a result, almost fifty years after the fact, many of the pieces have been put together. I can now provide updates on four of The Syndicate members, as well as let you listen to those four (never-before-heard) songs we recorded just before our breakup.

Member Update

Jim Kobzeff
Jim Kobzeff

Jim Kobzeff

Jim was the co-founder and designated lead of The Syndicate who played rhythm guitar and wrote several of the songs.

Jim graduated from Cal State Fullerton and continued playing guitar and song writing with close friends.

He did marry and has three sons and four grandchildren. Jim currently owns a real estate investment software company. He lives in Salem, Oregon.

Bill Patapoff
Bill Patapoff

Bill Patapoff

Bill was the co-founder of The Syndicate who played bass guitar and was a background vocalist.

Bill continued to play bass with another band for a short time until he obtained his Engineering Degree from Cal State Long Beach in 1970.

He did marry and has two sons and one daughter. Bill recently retired as a city engineer and currently resides in Huntington Beach, California.

Bill Rash
Bill Rash

Bill Rash

Bill was an acquaintance of Bill Patapoff at Cal State Long Beach and became an original member of The Syndicate in 1964 as lead vocalist, arranger, instrumentalist, and song writer.

Bill opted out of college and joined the hippie lifestyle for several years surfing up and down the Pacific West Coast.

He did marry and has one son and one daughter and four grandchildren. Bill owns his own landscaping business and continues to stay engaged performing and song writing. He currently lives in Kauai, Hawaii.

Bob Bourbon
Bob Bourbon

Bob Bourbon

Bob responded to a newspaper ad we placed and became an original member of The Syndicate in 1964 as drummer.

Bob graduated from high school and subsequently joined the Marines, serving in active duty during the Vietnam War. Afterward he did obtain both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree.

He is married with two daughters and six grandchildren. Bob currently works as a marketing consultant and continues to play drums for local bands. He lives in The Colony, Texas.

Rick Cronin
Rick Cronin

Rick Cronin

Rick was an acquaintance of Bill Rash at Cal State Long Beach and became an original member of The Syndicate in 1964 as lead guitarist and background vocalist.

The whereabouts of Rick is still not known. In part because Cronin was just his "stage" name. Unfortunately his real last name has long been forgotten.

If you might have information about him please contact me. He once resided in San Diego, and did attend Long Beach State 1964-66. Rick was also a married man during his time with The Syndicate.

Songs Update

Newly Discovered

During early 1965 we recorded eight songs at Fidelity Recording in Hollywood, California. Four of those songs were released as two separate 45's under the Dore and Dot record labels.

Darwin Lamm, our producer/manager, scheduled to release our other songs later that year. But The Syndicate broke up and those future plans we scrubbed. Worse still, the master tapes for those songs were destroyed in a fire at the Fidelity Recording studio shortly afterward.

So, other than the vinyl sound tracks (without vocals) that are in my possession, they virtually went missing. But unbeknownst to me, Bill Patapoff did possess the vinyls (with vocals) just as we recorded them.

Therefore, thanks to Bill, after "missing" for almost fifty years, here are the other four songs recorded by The Syndicate in 1965.

Please bear in mind that these are the original recordings that were never fully mastered. So they are a little scratchy.

"It's Simple"

Words and music by Jim Kobzeff. Copyright(c) Jim Kobzeff 2012.

"Getting Closer"

Words and music by Jim Kobzeff. Copyright(c) Jim Kobzeff 2012.

"I'm in a Bad Way"

Words and music by Jim Kobzeff. Copyright(c) Jim Kobzeff 2012.

"Hills of San Marie"

Words and music by Bill Rash. Copyright(c) Bill Rash 2012.

So You Know

A vinyl album featuring The Syndicate and all seven of their original songs was released in September 2013 by Break-a-Way Records, publisher Wolfgang Volkel, Germany.


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    • jamesrk profile image

      James Kobzeff 5 years ago from Salem, Oregon

      Nice to hear from you, Ed. "Ugly Things" magazine will be featuring us in an upcoming issue; by chance do you have any photos taken of us during that time?

    • profile image

      Ed Arthur 6 years ago

      I was talking with Barry McGuire last night about the Byrds playing at Ciros and asked him if he was there whey you guys played there and they were downstairs. He didn't remember but the amazing thing was that when he came out of Ciros, Arthur Blessit was there with his cross chained to a post. Barry said "What's happenin'"? And Arthur simply said "Jesus". Changed the course of his life!

    • Theeyeballkid profile image

      Theeyeballkid 6 years ago

      This is great, I just checked out your other songs on your earlier hub, you guys sound awesome! This is what Rock and roll is all about, not the forced manufactured rubbish that the scene has become today. Really interesting hub.

    • profile image

      Ed Arthur 6 years ago

      Hey Jimmy! Very cool. Sounds like they were on vinyl. We're they pressed and who did it? I hear Puff on that fuzz bass box you made.

      My best to all who read this. Those were fun times. Check out the group Vintage L A on face book. I saw a film clip of driving by Ciros and the Sea Wich. Brings back memories, that's for sure. I still have my 45 of She Haunts You.

      Keep playing!