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Original Lyrics from Deanomax

Updated on June 26, 2010
Ruthless @ Union Station   Randy Doug Ray and Deano
Ruthless @ Union Station Randy Doug Ray and Deano


the people on the mountain

on top of the world you live in a dream

an endless vision a corporate king

always someone else you can trod upon

who you gonna worship when the day is done

the best things in life are never enough

a heartless human being made of blood and rust

the only thing that matters is the bottom line

and who will be your victim as you buy your time


the people on the mountain

and the people down below

miles and miles between them

the distance we must know

let us build together

a world for one and all

so c'mon all my brothers

and catch us when we fall

livin' large on your golden throne

a meagerly exsistence

with the seeds you've sewn

you stare into the camera with an empty soul

waiting for a lover who will make you whole

take about a nickels worth of free advice

show a little spirit and you'll melt the ice

all that you've accomplished can be used for good

be a part of givin' like you know you should

repeat chorus bridge lead out

6/12/02 kdc

Ruthless is Randy Doug Brian Deano and Ray
Ruthless is Randy Doug Brian Deano and Ray


the ruby's curse

deep in the jungle the thieves start to work

searching for treasure raping the earth

they bring to the surface a shiny red gem

and laugh without knowing the wrath of their sin


into the night they ride

steeling away with a gun by their side

driven along by their greed

escaping for now but tomorrow they bleed

in a sleepy cantina the deal will go down

suspicion betrayal a deafening sound

a knife in the back the bullets let fly

before the sun rises 4 men will die

repeat chorus

sooner or later the stone has its way

for the crimes of their father the children will pay

hundreds of years have quickly gone by

a curse through the ages an eternal cry

repeat chorus

1/4/01 kdc

Little Miss Trouble

With a gold pony tail and a red hot vette

A black leather jacket and a cigarette

She's a midnight vision lovin' on the run

She got a bad reputation livin' under the gun


Trouble Little Miss Trouble

Get yourself in line and do your time

Cuz' the mans gonna bust your bubble


Standin' on the corner in the middle of town

Open your eyes and take a look around

Your life is headin' for the danger zone

Searchin' for somthin' you couldnt find at home


There's too much to do you got no time to cry

Your playin' the game as the days fly by

Anything it takes just to make the scene

Your tryin' to be a woman but your only 19


Repeat chorus

3/16/99 kdc

Julies Song


She’s a very special lady

With eyes as blue as the Arizona sky

Her heart is made of solid gold

But she will lay in bed alone and cry

When you need some help with everything you do

And the pain is always there

If a friend is in some trouble

She’ll be there to help him too



When her hero sings his song

She won’t be sad for very long

Like the city nights and the brightest moon

Her smile lights up the darkest room


So many years since that tragic day

And the time is quickly passing

Nothing we can do the doctors say

Just love is all she's asking


When her hero sings his song

She won’t be sad for very long

Like the city nights and the brightest moon

Her smile lights up the darkest room

4/9/88 kdc



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