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More TV Series With a Dark Side

Updated on December 13, 2017
NessMovieReviews profile image

Gotta love a good series. New and old, I binge watch so many that I would drown if they were made of water. Here's a bunch I love.

Chanel Zero - spooky as - you know what

Would you really put your fingers in its mouth? Creepy teeth kid, stop taking kids teeth!
Would you really put your fingers in its mouth? Creepy teeth kid, stop taking kids teeth! | Source

Chanel Zero and The Night Of - why haven't you seen them yet?

'Channel Zero'

Genre: Sci-fi//horror

Series Info: Season 1 October 2016, returning October 2017

What's it About?

There are online sci-fi and horror forum, Creepy Pasta Horror and Paranormal Stories, ( which I had heard of through Facebook and looked at once or twice. Channel Zero, adapts a bunch of creepy submitted stories to that site mashed into where the first season gets set, Candle Cove.

Channel Zero is an anthology, except each episode is not a completely separate story and instead, follows the same plot line.

Season one starts with a famous child psychologist who decides he needs to go home to figure out what happened to his twin when they were kids. Including his twin, a bunch of other children went missing and presumed murdered. Only his twin brother’s body was never located.

The people remaining in the town of Iron Hill, who might know anything, are his mother and a few of his childhood friends. These friends are now grown up and have kids of their own.

This show is creepy as. There is a puppet show, people sized puppets in the same clothes as the puppets (are they people, are they puppets....???) and a weird kid covered in teeth who comes to claim more teeth for its collection which it keeps on its skin. Added to the mix are a bunch of creepy kids roaming the streets playing pretend murder.

My Thoughts on 'Channel Zero.'

I adored this series and the second season, called The No End House. It's set in a nightmare house.

The writer Nick Antosca is brilliant at scouring the Creepypasta site and turning these stories into the series it has become. reported that the adaptation was a little tricky at times because they had to get approval from the original writers on the site and some were anonymous.

This series promises crossovers from season to season which I love too and I can't wait to see an example in the upcoming season. It's deadest spooky atmosphere and nightmarish tone doesn't make me think of anything similar except to compare it to American Horror Story seasons, given its ability to make you want to turn all the lights on while watching it.

Perhaps it could be compared to The Slender Man story. The Slender Man is a kidnapper of children. Perhaps you’ll like Channel Zero if you liked either of those.

Watch it on, Foxtel, and Fetch and buy it on Amazon

Channel Zero - Season 2 Trailer

#RizAhmed #JohnTurturro
#RizAhmed #JohnTurturro | Source

'The Night Of'

Genre: This is a Crime Drama but it does have a dark side.

Series Info: Season 1 July 2016 - fingers crossed for a second season.

What's it About?

It all starts off normal enough. His dad is a hard worker who owns a taxi that he shares with three other men. It’s set in downtown New York. His mother is a quiet well-dressed woman, and Naz seems like the kid, sorry, showing my age…young man, all parents want in a son. He wants to go to a party and takes his dads’ cab, then he accidentally meets Andrea who is everything he is not. She inadvertently or purposely steers him off the course of his life. It all escalates quite quickly after that first night, little things they do, places they go and people the two come across, all play a role in how the rest of the story pans out.

While watching it, you know you should almost be taking notes because you can feel that something is stirring within the events as they unfold but you’re too busy watching. There’s even a cat that I became attached to. I got concerned for this cat nearly all the way through. This series won awards and I can see why. Critics sing it’s praises and guess what? Sources say a season two is a definite possibility and that some of the characters might come back with it.

Special Info:

The other key role, a lawyer, John Stone. Originally they had Robert De Niro pegged for the role, but he had some time issues and John T took it instead and did a wonderful job with the character.

If you haven’t seen this 8 part miniseries you might just be living under a rock. It had 7 million viewers overall in America. I’ve not spoken to many people In Australia where I come from who have seen it though, so perhaps there might be a lot of people sized rocks lying around.

My Thoughts on 'The Night Of.'

True Crime buffs may ask a few questions based on some ‘technicalities’ about accuracy but I devoured this series.

I thought about it during the day when I wasn’t watching it and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next to this clean-cut college student called Nasir “Naz” Khan.

When I started watching it, I was like, OMG it’s that guy from Nightcrawler who is Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler was a movie I had literally just finished watching.) Riz has been in other stuff too so you may recognize him if you are a Star Wars fan.

As the series wore on, I garnered a high amount of respect for his acting skills and have since seen him in a few other things. He is also a singer, but I’ve not had the time to give him a listen, however, having an extra talent doesn’t surprise me, the guy is pretty good.

In all honesty, it plays out very differently to my normal crime shows that I tend to watch. It's more about the characters and the dirty underside of the point of view of the criminal, rather than the point of view of the lawmaker which is where usually see shows from. I’d throw it out there in the realm of Making a Murderer. If you liked that, you’ll probably like this more and if you haven’t seen the latter, maybe watch 'The Night Of ' first.

Watch it on,, and Foxtel

Slasher - Get this into you...

Slasher - a series about a serial killer who is stalking adults in a small town called Waterbury instead of teenagers around a lake
Slasher - a series about a serial killer who is stalking adults in a small town called Waterbury instead of teenagers around a lake | Source

Slasher - If you liked Scream the series....this isn't as good but its definitely worth your time


Genre: Anthology, mystery and suspense horror

Series Info: Season 1 March 2016, Season 2 upcoming.

What's it About?

Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath from Jurassic World – the girl knows how to play a good death,) moves back to her home town and into the house where she was born….the way lots of good horror movies start.

*Cue a flashback*

Halloween night – 30 years ago. We see exactly what happened to her parents and it's revealed that the original ‘Executioner’ who killed Sarah's mum and dad, Tom Winston, is safely tucked away behind bars.

Slasher dives right in and 'The Executioner' appears in the first episode - once as the original killer in the flash back murdering her parents and secondly - as the copy cat sent to torment her, her family and people within the town. The copy runs amok in town and because it's Halloween, not everyone was scared of this masked person wandering around with a weapon.

Sarah then visits her parent's murderer (the original 'Executioner' ) in jail as she has questions for him now that it looks like he either didn't do it alone, or there is another murderer in town. Tom insinuates that not everyone in the peaceful town of Waterbury is as innocent as they seem.

Her husband scored a job as Editor in Chief at the Waterbury Newspaper before moving to town which leads to more disconcerting looks from people in the street - are they jealous or do they just not like him? Sarah and her husband have obvious troubles settling in as well as having to contend with a serial killer turning up on their arrival.

After the first murder, 'The 7 Deadly Sins' wrath is to blame

Special Info:

Slasher is Canadian and is 8 episodes strung out into movie styled chunks and it averaged around 7 million viewers overall are pretty darn high.

I researched to find out if this might be based on a previous movie or an event to no avail. I did discover that Waterbury, where the show plays out, has a town of the same name in the US in Connecticut and murder was committed there of course, but none, even remotely similar to the Slasher plot line. The guy who created it (Aaron Martin) got inspired to write Slasher after working on another series of his, where people get chopped up in a few episodes of his medical drama, Saving Hope...

My Thoughts on 'Slasher.'

I liked it. I liked it for its great production levels and for its level of gore and sex scenes (which were unusually gritty) in this made for T.V show.

It all feels familiar if you are a slasher movie fan like me and I could see hints of Jason Voorhees in the weapon of choice and snippets of The Town that Dreaded Sundown or even I know what you Did Last Summer vibes in its story.

I am going to say, I feel it wasn’t as good as Scream the series though and because of its plot - being a slasher series, that's what it gets compared to over and over. The two series are not that similar and apart from both being slasher themed, there isn't too much else in common.

I never saw a promo here in Australia for Slasher, not a hint that this show existed until I discovered it, reading through the forum and hearing about it there. I’m not surprised that I had to scour the internet once again to figure out when or if I could see a season two. I wasn’t disappointed to find out that even though the creator took a nose dive financially and almost had to cancel, the show got rescued by other networks.

Season two aired October 2017 and the story line; Guilty Party it's set in the Canadian winter wilderness. I’ve just completed it and I thought it was a fabulous splatterfest of gore in the snow.

It starts slow but quickly gains traction into a who-dunnit slasher-fest that touches the boundaries of extreme. I coukdn’t even say which one I liked best but I hope this isn’t the last we see of this series.

See it on Netflix and the Chiller Chanel and stream it on

Trailer - Slasher, Season 2

The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead Webisodes....What the??? Thats right I said webisodes

What is a Webisode?

This segment is not about 'Fear the Walking Dead' (FTWD) the series.

It's not about 'The Walking Dead' (TWD) smash hit series.

It's about webisodes. AMC produced mini-sequences of stories that aired during some of the seasons of each show. Some stories are prequels, some link up during parts of each show and some are back stories about characters or scenes within the shows. (If you haven’t heard of FTWD or TWD, not only can we never be friends, but you may as well stop reading now and go and do something else.)

Slap me sideways and call me Sally… I’d never heard of the darn thing or of the word webisodes for that matter till way after I had seen all current seasons of each show.

We here in the land down under (Australia for those not familiar with the term), don’t get an amazing range of free to air T.V channels – gee – even our internet is snail-like compared to say – the USA. So when I found out that both these shows had webisodes, I jumped up and down a little.

Webisodes 'Fear the Walking Dead' (FTWD)

Genre: Horror and Zombies – My Favourite.

Flight 462 (October 2015)

Fear the Walking Dead webisodes (FTWD) are 16 parts and crosses over into season two of FTWD where two main characters from the full series appear.

It aired in October 2015 where the full series FTWD aired in August and finished up in October which means I could have watched it while waiting for season two – Grrrr Australia. For those that want a timeline in comparison to The Walking Dead (TWD) – FTWD started around the time season five was on.

The first plays out on an airplane which I think is a great setting for a horror story.

Jake is in the airport and already the tension starts to build. His mum and dad are in contact with him via phone, promising ‘everything will be ok’ and they ‘will see him when he lands’ but that he really must get on the plane. After the plane takes off, a few other people on board are sick. Already (being zombie fans,) we know the signs when we see them. A guy Marcus is ill, his wife is telling worried passengers it is just reflux, another passenger asks if he has the flu. We all know better, we’ve seen this before. And so it goes…

The Passage (October 2016)

The second set of webisodes finalized in March 2017 as The Passage. I watched the 12 minute story on YouTube. This series features characters Sierra, Gabi, and Colton. Sierra is a hardened survivor trying to make her way anywhere safe and easily able to kill Zombies. Gabi is a clever but weak survivor heading to Mexico to find her boyfriend Colton who left her behind to find safe passage.

The two end up traveling together, with Sierra trying to teach Gabi how to protect herself.

My Thoughts on 'Fear the Walking Dead' Webisodes

Now, as I have said before, my favorite series to watch is The Walking Dead, I adore the show, the characters, and the plot lines, so imagine my sheer delight when I discovered there would be a spin-off called Fear the Walking Dead. It was as though the powers that be, heard my disappointed whimper every year at the end of the season and decided to put me out of my misery. Discovering webisodes, again had me all a quiver.

I did like this and I liked Fear the Walking Dead too for those that care. Fans that commented on this extra-bonus round of zombie goodness felt that this 15 minutes (yes the 16 parts were just 15 minutes long and 12 minutes respectively) were better than the entire series of FTWD, however, it scored 7/10 on IMDb and so did the full series. I think the series and the webisodes are pretty cool but no way are they better than the full show.

I laughed a little at the rushed nature of the first few episodes of the full series, having become accustomed to The Walking Dead and its format, I felt like I was cheating on it, by liking it.

The webisodes are like having an apéritif before a good meal and surely that’s a good thing.

Watch it on,,

#TheWalkingDead #Webisodes
#TheWalkingDead #Webisodes | Source

Webisodes - 'The Walking Dead'

Genre: Zombies of course – so horror, very much love

Series Info:

I was also surprised to learn that The Walking Dead had webisodes too. The first 6 part ‘sodes were released in October 2011 (before season two) and ran for a total of about 20 minutes and called Torn Apart. The second lot aired in 2012 (before season three) and contained just 4 ‘sodes and ran for about 25 minutes, called Cold Storage and the third and last lot, aired in 2013, ran for 26 minutes (before season four,) called The Oath.

Why did they stop doing them? Why wasn’t I told they existed? Who knows, but I hope there are more at some point because I can always go for a hit of The Walking Dead and its fabulous-ness.

What's it About?

  • Torn Apart: Think back to season one... Lol, wowsers… maybe you have a great memory or maybe you watch reruns every once in a while. I don’t. I had to go back even though I am very familiar with the episode Days Gone By. After reading about this webisode, I still wanted to watch that first episode again before I started the 'sodes and before seeing the girl behind the zombie I first saw, whose name happened to have been, Hannah. In Days Gone By, Hannah is the first zombie Rick sees in his hospital gown as he frantically tries to figure out what on Earth has gone wrong. When he sees Hannah’s half zombie body try to crawl towards him, he grabs a bike which is near her and rides away, scared out of his wits. Later, of course, Rick comes back to her, this time armed and dressed in real clothing (his uniform) instead of a bare-assed gown and shoots her.
  • Cold Storage: This time we are looking at a glimpse of a back story behind the main character and we meet Chase who is trying to find his sister. During the course of events, Chase barters with a guy called B.J. and ends up fixing a generator for him. There is a storage unit within the facility and we find that it belongs to none other than Rick Grimes. Cold Storage shows how other survivor groups are getting along (or running things) as well as giving us a glimpse of Rick before everything went to hell.
  • The Oath: Again in reference to events before the first episode, this story shows the history of some graffiti we see on the cafeteria doors of the hospital where Rick starts off his zombie adventures. ”Don’t Open – Dead Inside” is seen very clearly and is easy to remember as it pops up during the seasons. How this ended up being painted here gets recounted through this last part. We meet Paul and Karina who are desperately trying to find a medical station.

My Thoughts on 'The Walking Dead' Webisodes

For me, The Walking Dead (TWD) and anything affiliated with TWD can do no wrong in my eyes. I would watch it even if they killed everyone (except Daryl because…just because ok?) and we were left with - well whatever. So I am a little bias here, but – I loved it and I am kind of glad that I saw it later when I did because I feel it had more impact than it might have, had I watched it in sequence when the networks wanted me to.

You get to remember again, they were people once, with lives and stuff. You get to re-visit Rick having empathy for zombies, feeling sorry for the ways things are before he gets charred by the events he and the remaining cast have met on their journey throughout the series. I thoroughly recommend re-watching the webisodes and re-watching the first episode of TWD.

Fun fact: the highest amount of viewers for the Walking Dead so far was season five, episode 1 (No Sanctuary) with 17.5 million tuning in to see what’s up. (FYI, it the one when we first encounter Terminus and the gang, trapped in a train car.)

See it on,, and

Webisode - Torn Apart, TWD reference scene for Hannah just in case you dont want to watch it first - see it here

Webisodes... which have you watched?

See results

Demonic Possession? Why thankyou sir...

Outcast originated from a comic book

If exorcisms are your jam, then perhaps you should start watching Outcast - season 1 and 2, based on a comic book with the same name.
If exorcisms are your jam, then perhaps you should start watching Outcast - season 1 and 2, based on a comic book with the same name. | Source


Genre: Horror with a dash of supernatural and a blob of Drama

Series Info: Season 1 June 2016 and season 2 April 2017.

What's it About?

It’s about demonic possession.

It’s about a guy called Kyle played by Patrick Fugit (who acted in nothing else notable in my opinion) thinks he is a terrible, scarred adult. There are some flash backs of his childhood which tell how his wife and daughter are now estranged and then there is an exorcism. It is during this exorcism that Kyle realizes that he isn’t a lowlife who deserves being kicked out of his family home and that there is more to his story, simmering underneath and that he is the key to it all.

He has to contend with the townsfolk who also think he is a scumbag while learning how to help save others from demonic possession and so, partners up with a reverend. Together they try to cure possession of people the townsfolk think are just crazy.

My Thoughts on 'Outcast.'

I know it has some moments (just like some moments in The Walking Dead) where you almost yell, "shush! Stop talking and just get on with the action…"

I know ok? But yep, I rate it. It’s good. It’s has a similar vibe to The Exorcist series, except you can see the possession in a way not seen in The Exorcist series.

The thought of demonic possession gives me the 'heebie jeebies', it’s creepy, and it has some creepy characters, like the kid Aaron and the mysterious man Sidney. If you liked the exorcist or read the comic and enjoyed either of them, you will like this.

See it on Amazon Prime Video,, or Foxtel

Special Info:

When Outcast debuted this on Cinemax it got played 4 million times, which Cinemax was not used to (being that it was a success lol.)

The first episode was available on a number of platforms including PlayStation 4 consoles for free as well as You Tube and Facebook.

Its’ first season was 10 episodes and its second rounded up with another ten for viewers to watch. Guess who created it? I am happy to report that the same legendary human being that created The Walking Dead, also created this and although this series got adapted from a comic book of the same name, it doesn’t matter because Kirkman brought it to life.

Outcast - The Trailer

Serial Killers - Whats Not to like?

An Oldie but a Goodie.

The Following - yes its an oldie - but its good

Character and the actors that play them  - The Following. About a serial killer - haven't seen it, perhaps you should!
Character and the actors that play them - The Following. About a serial killer - haven't seen it, perhaps you should! | Source

'The Following.'

Genre: Thriller with a serial killer.

Series Info:

  • Season 1 January 2013.
  • Season 2 January 2014.
  • Season 3 March 2015.

What's it About?

The Following stars Kevin Bacon. if you don’t know who he is, we definitely cannot be friends. Kevin Bacon plays former FBI agent Ryan Hardy who years before was nearly killed by serial killer Joe Carroll. His special talent is being a really good criminal pro-filer.

Poor old Ryan has a pacemaker as a result of his deadly scuffle with Joe. Joe Carroll is one of those villains that are still likable in a twisted Stockholm syndrome kind of way. He’s smart, he’s semi good-looking – well he’s not ugly and people generally like him. Even after he gets sentenced – he has his followers and his die-hard loving fans who will do anything for him. And they do. Joe Carroll is as obsessed with his captor as his captor is with him only in different ways and Ryan Hardy gets tied up in all sorts of marvelous scenarios, in Joe’s former normal life, as a teacher…before he was busted as an evil psychopath. Of course, Joe Carroll escapes from prison so the FBI obviously ask for his help.

My Thoughts on 'The Following.'

I have now discovered there is no fourth season – boohoo. So I’m left dissatisfied, even though the finale was adequate, there are a few plot holes only Kevin Bacon can fix. Fox, canceled it. I am going to hazard a guess by looking at the viewer statistics that, after ratings plummeted to just over 3 million Fox decided the show was a lost cause. Silly bunnies, how were they to know that the horror genre was about to skyrocket and that adding an extra season and perhaps taking the show into a new direction may have been its savior. After all, it seems that dark series with horror or supernatural twists seem a favorite right now, aren’t they? I feel like they are.

There are movies coming out soon based on serial killers, cast with high-profile actors. Movies like Split and the upcoming remake of IT are massive successes. Maybe Fox should check themselves. Just saying.

I am not certain this is a lesser known series but it definitely has a dark side. As far as I am aware, plenty of people I know, for some reason haven’t seen it. It’s getting old in the tooth now but I needed to re-address it because as far as I'm concerned, it’s great. It’s one of the first series I watched that had me gasp in surprise. It needs watching. You will like it too if you appreciate shows based around serial killers. You might also like it if you liked... say... Dexter or Hannibal.

If you like a good twist and a few small surprises, I suggest you do not delve too much into what happens in the first episode before you watch it. They are pretty good twists, I think. Did I see all the twists coming?— no. I did not. The Followings writer, Marcos Siega based the character of Joe Carroll on a number of real serial killers, calling him “a hybrid” of Ted Bundy and James Purefoy with killings they “pulled from real-life stories.”

See it on Stan, Fox. Netflix and and of course buy it on

The Following - Trailer

Serial Killers Who Inspired The Following

(click column header to sort results)
How many victims  
Ted Bundy
Good looking and charismatic and good at impersonating people to gain access to his victims.He had a degree in psychology
confessed to 30 victims but actual count is unknown
Randy Craft
Highly intelligent computer analyst with an interest in politics and a BA in economics - he was known as the scorecard killer
Charged with 16 murders but suspected to have up to 67
John Norman Collins
The Co-ed killer who was just shy of receiving his degree in elementary education
Charged with 6, but was known to have committed more
Serial killers have been peppered throughout history - these are a few that had brains but decided to use them to commit heinous murders instead. Joe Carrol was based on a number of killers, could these be some?

Hi Again - Did You Miss Part 1?

If you didn’t catch Part I, make sure you go and have a squizz (Australian slang for a look.)

These are my ideas on what you can watch in your down time, waiting for your fave to come back on. Perhaps you are in dire need of something to sit and chill to. The lesser knowns, some of the ones that died but still deserve to be seen or the ones that stayed and you just forgot about them because no-one really talks about them anymore. With the rise of Stranger Things and The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, sometimes a good series is easy to miss.

© 2017 Mother of Movies and Series Reviews


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