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"Morning Coffee" the Famous Song That Started the Career of Pop Music Group Morning Musume

Updated on March 22, 2020
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A Cup of Coffee Symbolizing the Title of This Song


Introduction to the Song Morning Coffee

The Japanese girl group now known as Morning Musume 19 was once known by their most famous name Morning Musume. What follows is a series of interesting facts about Morning Musume’s first major single Morning Coffee. Then there will be an analysis of what the song is about and the added significance of the song itself. So let's go ahead and drink some coffee while we enjoy this song shall we? Those of us that are coffee drinkers will enjoy doing that!

Interesting Facts about the Song Morning Coffee

  • Morning Coffee was the group’s 1st single that had an English name.
  • It was the group’s lowest selling single until Furusato.
  • This was the only single that was recorded under the One Up music label when it was released.
  • Nakazawa Yuko commented on this single for a YouTube video series counting all the way up to Morning Musume’s 50th single.
  • A version of this song was recorded on the B-side single of the song called “Souda we’re Alive.”
  • This was Morning Musume’s first single that did not reach #5 in the weekly singles chart.

When Was the Single Morning Coffee Released and How Successful Was It?

The single was originally released by the One Up music label. Morning Coffee was released on January 28, 1998 and it sold 200,790 copies. That number may not seem like very much but Morning Coffee is the single that I really think helped the group get started on their way to establishing themselves as an elite pop music group.

Natsumi Abe Does Lead Vocals

The group’s producer Tsunku had initially chosen Kaori Iida to do the lead vocals for the song. But before the second day of recording, he decided that Natsumi Abe would do the lead vocals instead. Morning Coffee would be re-released in 2004 and again in 2005 as a 12 cm CD under the record label called Zetima.

"Morning Coffee"

What is the Song Morning Coffee About?

The song Morning Coffee is basically about a woman in love who is both embarrassed and excited because the love of her life asked her to drink morning coffee with him. Speaking of the word love, the group’s first digital single Ai no Tane is also about love. She is crying so much because she is overcome with strong feelings of love. The chorus of voices in this song added with the words “I love you” adds an interesting dimension to the song. Three of the five members singing in Morning Coffee were teenagers at the time of the single, walking through the city as the video shows. Nakazawa and Aya Ishiguro were the two that were adults at the time with Nakazawa at 24 being like that older sister kind of person for the rest of the members.

For those of you just getting familiar with the group formerly known as Morning Musume, Morning Coffee would be a nice song to listen to first but that depends on your musical tastes.

You Could Say That the Group Set a Precedent of Changing Band "Leaders"

Following Nakazawa’s graduation in the spring of 2001, Kaori Iida would assume the position of band leader, a position that she would hold until her graduation in 2005. She was the last first generation member to graduate from the group.

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