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Mosquitoes 101 including the life cycle of the Mosquito

Updated on October 16, 2011
Mosquitoes Need Water So Get Rid Of All Standing Water In Your Yard
Mosquitoes Need Water So Get Rid Of All Standing Water In Your Yard

Your best protection against mosquitoes is to make sure they do not have a point of entry into your home. Be sure you seal off any openings and replace screens where needed.

Natural Methods Of Elimination

Mosquito Repellent

4 parts Glycerin ( From Pharmacy )

1 Part Eucalyptus Oil

Place the ingredients into a small bowl and mix thoroughly. Place in a well sealed container. Rub on a small amount to keep away mosquitoes.

Water Water Everywhere

Be sure there is no standing water anywhere on your property. Mosquitoes like pets water dishes and bird baths. If you have a sprinkler leaving a pool of standing water fix it. If you have rain barrells be sure to have mosquito proof screen wire over them to let water in but keep out mosquitoes.

Repel Mosquitoes with your BBQ

It doesn't matter if you use real or artificial charcoal just place a few sprigs of rosemary or sage on the coals and you won't see a mosquito for quite a while.

The Number 1 Mosquito Killer

If you don't have a cat this is the best mosquito killer there is. Catnip placed in a sachet and placed around the home will keep mosquitoes away. A tea made of catnip can also be made and placed in a spray bottle and spray it around where you have a problem. It will keep away mosquitoes but might attract the odd house cat.Catnip contains the essential oil nepetalactone which is 10 times stronger than any mosquito repellent you can buy.  



Kill Those Little Bllod Suckers

Luckily only 50% of the mosquitoes world wide suck human blood. The female mosquito needs the protein from human blood to develop her eggs and lay them. When they don't get the blood meal they have to consume their own wing muscles. There are 2500 different species of mosquitoes worldwide and they only weigh in at 1/25000th of an ounce. They are so light they are able to walk on water. The mosquito saliva that they leave when they bite you is what causes the itching.

In the United States along there are 150 species of mosquitoes and most can mature from an egg in one to two weeks. Mosquitoes need water to reproduce and they can usually find standing water in pets dishes, drainage dishes, fishponds,old tires,damp mulch,rain gutter lines, sewers,planters, etc. Mosquitoes like to live near your home and are smart enough to know that there are plenty of free meals there, you and your family.

During the day they will seek shelter from the sun and are active when it cools down or they are in a shady spot. They will never go to far from water. Getting rid of any standing water will get rid of the mosquitoes reproducing in your yard. They don't like windy conditions and they really prefer still air areas.

The female mosquito eats a blood meal and then lays a egg on the surface of the water. The water must be still so keep this in mind concerning the water in your yard. If you have standing water in your backyard and mosquioes in your neighborhood you will have mosquitoes hatching in your backyard. They prefer very shallow water so it doesn't take much to make them happy. They will feed on bacteria in the water after they hatch then they turn into pupae. It only takes several days for mosquitoes to turn into adults and go looking for you.

Keep this in mind it only takes 1 pint of water to nuture 500 mosquito larvae. 

How To Deal With Mosquitoes

Rains Bring More Mosquitoes

Natural Mosquito Repellent - How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Plants That Will Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

There are several plants you can plant in your yard or garden to get rid of mosquitoes. And these plants work very well.

1. Catnip

2. Rosemary

3. Marigolds

4. Citronella Grass also known as lemon grass.

5. Lemon Thyme

All of these plants will work very well to keep away mosquitoes. If you plant a combination of them you should not have any mosquito problems at all. Marigolds will also keep other insect pests out of your yard and garden.

Herbs 101

To get rid of flying insects including mosquitoes plant basil in pots on your porch and in your yard and garden. Most flying insects can not stand basil in any way. It will keep them completely away.

A Grass That Repels Mosquitoes

A very effective substance that repels mosquitoes is citronellla. Citronella can be found in lemon grass and in the natural oil found in the lemon grass it is much stronger than a store bought product. It is also called Thai Grass and should be available in your local garden supply store. It will mosquito proof your yard and garden.

Is A Bat House In Your Future

A small colony of bats will eat thousands of mosquitoes every night.
A small colony of bats will eat thousands of mosquitoes every night.

Get Bats In Your Belfry

If you don't have bats in your neighborhood you might consider purchasing a bat house. Most garden supply stores sell bat houses for about $25.00. Once the bats move in this will eliminate thousands of unwanted mosquitoes every night. Bats will not bother humans however, if you have a pool or birdbath they will swoop in for a drink every now and then.  

The Mosquito Hunters

Toads Love To Eat Mosquitoes. So be sure to make any toads in your yard or garden welcome.
Toads Love To Eat Mosquitoes. So be sure to make any toads in your yard or garden welcome.

Both toads and bats eat thousands of mosquitoes a night. If you live in a area where toads occur and you want them in your yard build them a few toad houses. They love to live in clay flower pots so place a clay flower pot upside down and cut Mr Toad a hole near the top which is now the bottom and Mr Toad will move right in. Place your toad houses where they will not be disturbed. They love the cool dark toad house the clay flower pot provides to get away from the heat of the day.

Add small goldfish to your outdoor pool to take care of the mosquito larvae in it. Depending on how many gold fish you put in the pond you may never need to feed them. If you do need to feed them only feed them lightly so they will stay hungry for the mosquito larvae.  

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The Life Cycle Of The Mosquito
The Life Cycle Of The Mosquito

Mosquito Life Cycle, Watch The Complete Life Cycle Of The Mosquito

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      For the question of sharkarama, I guess it is because of adaptation just like frogs, they are said to be fishes before but because the water level, of the water resources were they usually live, before are going down or evaporated...

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      10 years ago from East Coast , United States

      They don't need water to breed. They need water to lay their eggs in and for the eggs to hatch and develop into full grown mosquitoes. See the photo chart above.

    • profile image

      Shannon Wilkinson 

      10 years ago

      Question. WHY do mosquitoes need water to breed? I know they need water, BUT WHY?

    • sharkarama profile image


      11 years ago

      As a longer term strategy, basic mosquito control techniques to remove breeding areas (mainly water) helps but is not always possible. Mosquito Traps can also help as well.

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      11 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Essentail oils work good to keep them away - citronella!


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