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Most Handsome and Popular Taiwanese Actors

Updated on February 3, 2016

Local and international fans have been hooked on watching Taiwanese dramas. In their journey to Mandapop and its entertainment industry, they’ve meet the idols and actors who steal their hearts. These celebrities are considered their oxygen in life and inspiration to keep going up. Through the years, fans are all wishing to meet them in real life.

Some of these celebrities started their career by playing supporting roles in dramas and movies. And now they’ve established their names and became known in the whole world and have been the dream boy of all girls. So here is the list of popular and handsome Taiwanese actors that you must know before you consider yourself as a Taiwanese drama fan.

10. Kingone Wang

What makes him popular?
35-year-old, Kingone Wang is known by some fans as the third party of Mike-Raine couple in Devil Beside You and Why Why Love. But I never hate his character in the drama and I really wished that he will end up with one of Raine’s friend in it. In DBY, he fall in love with other girl while in WWL, he was truly the third wheel. Many years have passed and he is now known as one of the after-sought leading actors in the country. And in the drama Someone Like You, he proved to everyone that he has still the charm to make its viewers fall in love with him.

What makes him handsome?
He has a sexy charisma that girls really loved. His expression and the way he looks at you on screen is the thing that makes him more handsome.

9. Danson Tang

What makes him popular?
I truly admire him since the first time I’ve saw him in Hana Kimi. I loved how he played the role given to him. Sometimes I couldn’t explain myself but he is really unique that makes him one of the most popular actors today. I also watched him on KO One and The X Family. He improves his acting! From playing minor roles in dramas he rose to stardom and started to play the main lead role! He also changes his styles! When I watch him in Murphy’s Law of Love, I am very proud of myself admiring a great actor like Danson who came this far! He is really different from his character as Liang Si Nan in Hana Kimi, although it was the beginning that fans noticed him.

What makes him handsome?
He has improved his acting abilities and captures the heart of his fans in every character he played. He is good-looking and whenever you will looks into his eyes, you will surely fall in love with him!

8. Wu Chun

What makes him popular?
Wu Chun is a former member of the Taiwanese band, Fahrenheit. He is known by the international fans as the lead character of Hana Kimi with Ella Chen and Jiro Wang. As years passed by, Chun has established his name in the industry and been cast playing the lead role of Tokyo Juliet and Hot Shot.

What makes him handsome?
This actor who is in his late 30s (36) has been very popular since the first time he entered the entertainment industry. And when he played the character of Zou Yi Quan who is an athlete, fans noticed how handsome he is and even craving for his hugs! Wu Chun defines the meaning of a hottie and hunk!

7. Jerry Yan

What makes him popular?
I just couldn’t believe that Jerry Yan is 39-years-old already! So I am really that old since the first time I idolize him in Meteor Garden! He must be a newcomer (actually almost all of the main lead are newcomer) in the entertainment industry but he is the most popular member of F4 alongside with Barbie Hsu. He also played main roles in the drama such as “The Hospital”, “Hot Shot”, “Down With Love” and “My Best Ex-Boyfriend.”

What makes him handsome?
Whether he played the cold-bad boy or the good person, he is still the man that every girl wishes to be their love of life. He has the perfect facial features! His body is perfect! Jerry is truly handsome and a man that girls could die for.

6. Vic Chou

What makes him popular?
Vic Chou became a household name when he played the character of Hua Ze Lei in the Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden”. In the drama, he is known for being quiet and superior but a kind boy which really applies for him as he looks the same in real life. With Meteor Garden, Chou become more popular and starred in different dramas e.g. Mars together with Barbie Hsu (his co-star in Meteor Garden), Poor Prince, Silence, Sweet Relationship and etc. He also became a recording artist and release albums such as “Make A Wish”, “Meteor Rain”, “Waiting For You Here” and etc.

What makes him handsome?
Of all the member of F4, he is the one that I’ve been dreaming of to become my future husband! Being quiet makes him hotter! Actually his eye catches the attention of all the fans. Just imagine! He will look at you, eye to eye then he will smile!

5. Calvin Chen

What makes him popular?
Calvin Chen is a member of the boyband Fahrenheit. He is a model, actor, a singer and host. Throughout the years, Chen proves that he is popular among local and international fans. He was a cast of KO One, The X Family, Romantic Princess, Love Buffet and Angel ‘N’ Devil. Chen has also release his solo photo book “The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen” on 2011. And if you want to get in touch with him, you can find him on facebook and share your memories from the time you began idolizing him.

What makes him handsome?
Calvin might be on his late 30s but it doesn’t mean that fans stop loving him. For almost 10 years, I just notice a little change on his appearance but as he grows older, he becomes more handsome and attractive. What I mostly like on him is the way he smile and the way he looks at you on the screen!

4. Mike He

What makes him popular?
Mike He had done drama with Ariel Lin before he rose to stardom in Devil Beside You. He was the topic of all girls who wished that they were on Raine Yang’s position. In DBY, he proved that being a bad guy doesn’t mean that people hate you but rather fans love the way he portrayed his character in the drama. For how many years, DBY fans remains solid and some even watched it again and again.

What makes him handsome?
He has the looks that make him hot. Whenever I look at his pictures during DBY, I still giggle and feel that he is watching me. It’s like that we are making eye contact! Actually, he’s been my idol for many years and my crush. Though I haven’t watch any of his dramas in the present but still he is my number 1 favorite actor in Taiwan.

3. Joe Cheng

What makes him popular?
This 33-year-old actor has proved that he is still famous among local and international fans even after he starred in “It Started With A Kiss” and “They Kiss Again”. Joe started his career as a model and later on tried his luck on dramas by playing minor roles. After many years, he established his name in the industry when he played the character of Jiang Zhi Shu together with Ariel Lin in ISWAK and TKA. His fame continue to rise when he again played in Love or Bread with Lin. Some ARJOE fans, especially international fans once dreamt that the two of them will become a real couple until Lin married last 2014. Cheng was last seen in the drama Singles Villa playing the character of Qiao Sheng Yu.

What makes him handsome?
Joe Cheng has the smile that captures the heart of his fans. From playing the rude Jiang Zhi Shu in ISWAK and TKA, to a reunion drama with Ariel Lin in Love or Bread, Cheng’s appearance never changed. He remains hot even if he is playing a cold guy. And he is hotter and more handsome when he shows his sweetness to his co-star especially with Lin. Oh my god! How I wish that I am on Lin’s position!

2. Aaron Yan

What makes him popular?
For how many years in the entertainment industry, Aaron proved that he is one of the famous performers in Taiwan and in the whole world. You can read, hear and see his name outside and inside the social media world. But what other fans don’t know is that he started playing minor roles before he rose to stardom. Some of his supporting roles were in “It Started With A Kiss” and “They Kiss Again” wherein his co-bandmate Jiro Wang was also a cast. He also starred in KO One, The X Family and Love Buffet. His name became more popular when he played the lead character in the drama “Just You” with Puff Kuo wherein they both won awards for the said drama. He is also the lead star in “Fall In Love With Me” playing the character of Lu Tian Xing/Xiao Lu.

What makes him handsome?
Whether you love him in the drama “Just You” or fall in love with him as Lu Tian Xiang/Xiao Lu, you will not surely let him go once you started to look at him, eye to eye. He has the charm that will easily capture your attention. In addition, his body is perfect! He is talented and very hot that whenever you see him on television you are sweating!

1. Jiro Wang

What makes him popular?
In terms of age, Jiro Wang proves that even he is now in his early 30’s (34), he is still popular among his fans and even gained more fans. Just like others on the list, he also started playing minor roles in ISWAK, TKA and Hana Kimi. His bright, playful and funny characters in the drama make him more popular. He is known for playing the lead character of “Absolute Boyfriend” opposite to Korean actress Ku Hye-sun. Some of his notable works includes; Drama Go! Go! Go!, Fabulous Boys and the Crossing Hero.

What makes him handsome?
He is perfect! Whether you fall in love with him 10 years ago or love him more in his late 30’s, Jiro proves that he is the man that all of us can’t forget in our whole life.

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      6 months ago

      wow they are so handsome but the most i like is jiro wang


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