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Most Overrated Songs

Updated on August 2, 2012

There are some songs it’s okay to dislike. Songs that you can never take to and you won’t be alone in it. Things like ‘The Lady In Red’ By Chris DeBurgh, the works of Barry Manilow and various novelty records such as by Mr. Blobby or The Teletubbies. These and countless others like them just go down as permanently uncool and unlistenable.

But what of the other songs. The songs you’ve never liked yet the rest of the World seems to love. The songs that are continually on radio and TV and are always described as a classic or a work of genius. Those that always seem to win polls- the best song this year, the best song ever. Greatest lyrics. You name it.

This is just a small list of a few songs that get all of that praise but I have never been able to take to. When they come on the radio you have to switch it off or change the channel and everyone you know seems to like these tunes. With some bands or singers you might never have liked anything they’ve ever recorded while for others it might just be the one song you take a dislike to.


My first choice is probably one of the most successful and most played singles ever and its Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. They are a band I have never been able to listen to. From the overblown lyrics and music to the vastly over-rated singing of Freddie Mercury I could easily have just chosen a lot of their songs but in the end I went for this. It is one that always seems to win polls but the only award I would give it is ‘The Most Pompous Song Guaranteed To Change Radio Channels’ award.


R.E.M. are the opposite of Queen in that I can listen to almost everything they ever recorded but one of the few that I can’t is Everybody Hurts. It’s just a really dull song and both the lyrics and music have always left me cold. It is now dragged out every time something remotely sad has happened and that in itself makes me sad because I’ve got to hear it again.


An irritating song from one of the more irritating singers on planet pop. It’s just an avarage pop song but it is looked on as a classic seemingly because a few words that rhyme are thrown together.


It’s not one that I really hate. It’s probably okay in a humdrum sort of way but certainly no classic. Again just throwing together a few words that rhyme for the sake of it. Like most of their songs it is a watered down version of The Beatles in the tune and vocals but nowhere near their standard yet some regard it as a classic.


Again, nothing terrible but just an average disco/pop sort of song. Certainly not the creator of some of the best pop songs of all time as a lot of people would have you believe.


I can listen to a lot of Radiohead songs and enjoy them but this isn’t one of them. This is definitely really over-rated. There is a bit of indie style guitar with the fantastic lyrics which everyone takes to be so deep. Along the lines of “I’m a creep. I’m a loser” It’s not bad but no classic either.


A band who I could have chosen a number of songs. A song you are meant to love or else you are just not cool. Well count me out. This just doesn’t do it. With dull music you can fall asleep to and Ian Curtis terrible voice this has always been a song I had to stop if it came on.


Could have been a whole host of songs by Meatloaf but this seems to have been considered his real great work. Overplayed and overhyped. Everything about it has me emotionally running for cover-the terrible singing,music,lyrics. Just the whole package.


Not too terrible but certainly overplayed. It’s just a straightforward song but there are those who would think it was carved from stone by a genius of song. Definitely over-rated.


There were a lot of Ultravox songs that I liked and even this one isn’t too terrible. It is hugely over-rated though. It is okay but again fans of it would liken it to a great work of art. It was always said it was one of the best songs never to get to number 1 in the British charts and was kept off by the rubbish ‘Shaddup your face’ by Joe Dolce. This was always just seen as fact but I must admit I thought the record buying public got it right then. Yes I thought Dolce’s record was better than ‘Vienna’. Which is obviously uncool to admit as well as saying that I thought these 10 songs were massively over-rated. These are just a few at the moment. There are probably hundreds more.

Are there any songs here that you agree with. Are they totally over-rated. What others do you think of as being over-rated songs through the years?


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    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for reading,commenting and sharing Running Deer (and of course -listening, that's above and beyond the call of duty!)

    • RunningDeer profile image

      RunningDeer 5 years ago from Iowa

      Ok, I'll admit I had to look a few of these up. Some I couldn't even listen to all the way. Good choice in overrated songs! The only thing I didn't agree with is "Wonderwall." But I do agree that it gets overplayed sometimes. But that's just me! Anyway, voted up and shared. Toodles!

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Haha redwriterbb. Good reply. Thanks for commenting.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for commenting MundaneMondays. Yes there were quite a lot of others i could have picked here as well.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks a lot TheHeavyReview.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the comment Dolores. Yes there are definitely some really popular songs here in this list.

    • James Vernon profile image

      James Vernon 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks for commenting thranax.

    • redwriterbb profile image

      redwriterbb 5 years ago from Norfolk/Virginia Beach Area

      "Welcome to the Hotel California". No thanks. Ha ha ha ha ha! I agree with most of your list.

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      Good list so sick of Bille Jean, i would have loved to see We will rock you instead

    • TheHeavyReview profile image

      TheHeavyReview 5 years ago

      Nicely done! I agree that these are all overrated songs. "Bohemian Rhapsody" is ok... not great, not terrible... but surely overplayed. I've never liked Radiohead, so "Creep" is completely overrated to me. "Billie Jean" is actually one of my least favorites from Michael Jackson- "Bad" and "Thriller" easily surpass it.

      Cool hub, voted up & more!

    • Dolores02 profile image

      Dolores02 5 years ago from earth

      I actually like some of the songs on your list, but I resonate with the message of your article :) Popular culture is sometimes just an unexplainable force.

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      I would agree with your list. There are a few of those I heard like Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody that tend to be well over played and used in many videos that doesn't even come close to good with the picture! I hate people who use the same songs for different events that really no matter how hard you stretch your mind to why im listening to this while this is happening and cant get a single line or lyric that goes with the action.

      Thanks for sharing!