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Most Popular Web Series For Drama

Updated on January 12, 2017

A new drama web series is coming in March, 2017, and it's a thriller that you really need to put on you must watch list. It's called "Spectrum London," and it has been hotly anticipated for some time now, but has experienced some unfortunate delays. The drama is set in the LGBT community of London. But rather than dealing with the sexuality of the characters, its focus is on the everyday dramas and conflicts that the characters have to deal with, and it does this in amazing and compelling detail. You will not be able to keep yourself from getting caught up in their worlds, which are at the same time both ordinary and extraordinary.

The Inspiration for the Story

While the characters in the story are predominantly bi-sexual, trans, gay and BAME, which means Black, Asian, Minority, the story lines follow, not their chosen gender or their sexuality as a major focus, but the problems, the struggles, the hurdles, and the emotional strife they have to deal with because of their sexual orientation or identity. There are some heart-wrenching moments that will touch the audience deeply and arouse their emotions.
The major storyline follows the trials of James Roche, a trans guy just trying to make some sense of the new perspective of life that he is now faced with. It was Inspired by the real experiences of Spectrum London Writer, Jake Graf, an award-winning trans lobbier, Jake was interviewed by the Huffington Post after he was featured on the cover of QX, the celebrated magazine about the gay lifestyle. In this interview Jake spoke quite openly about the lack of acceptance he had to deal with, and the problems that his transitioning caused for him. There were even some members of the gay community that were not particularly tolerant.
Prior to his transition, his then female social group seemed to take his transition as something of a betrayal and were not at all supportive. Jake wanted to show how very difficult it is for transpeople to be accepted, even by some of their own friends and family.

Story Lines, Characters and Cast Ethnicity

This interview was the inspiration for the Spectrum London series. But there are additional storylines as well. When James moves to London he becomes involved with the LGBT community there through his new job, and with other characters whose lives have all become intertwined.
There are other powerful storylines going on as well, all being produced and acted by a stellar cast and crew. The Asian community is rarely represented in a major character role. But Spectrum London employs an Indian actress to do just this in a strong, major lesbian storyline. She has a partner who is not biologically connected to their children, and she experiences a great deal of frustration because she can't seem to get her partner to understand why it is so important to her that both mothers be named on the legal paperwork. She's fighting for her rights, a theme that everyone can relate to.
One character finds out that she is pregnant, but the problem is that the father is the wrongman. Another character runs from a crime scene, but is he a criminal or is he not? Another young Woman is dealing with her sister's prejudice against her for her sexuality, while her father is meanwhile doing everything he can
to dodge the local Mafia. There are family dramas, affairs, and plenty of mind-games to keep you glued to your screen.

Series creator and Producer, Monica Y. Dee.

Monica Y. Dee is an award-winning African filmmaker the founder of UK Web Fest. Speaking of the series, Monica had this to say: "I had an idea of creating a web series of this magnitude since 2012, these stories need to be told, it has been Worth the wait and I am truly grateful for everyone's support in this project." Monica is trans herself, and her unique gender position in the world of fashion and her identity as part of the LGPT community has Created a media frenzy that has led to an open dialog which is a good thing.

Spectrum East Web Series Trailer 2015


Spectrum London is not like any other Series on the Web in its depiction of such a diverse assortment of colors, gender identities, and sexual orientations, and depicts their lives in a very real, but positive, way,
Their aim is not to cause a negative impact on young viewers who might be struggling with their own identities.
The Spectrum London Web Series was Created by Monica Y. Dee of rikive Productions and she will also be producing it. The Series promises to be eminently watchable, exciting, and subliminally informative.
Many independent filmmakers today are looking to the Internet to showcase their work and reach viewers. The internet, with its billions of hungry viewers, and the growing popularity of indie Productions, is a ripe market for self-promotion, and filmmakers are no exception. There is a vast number of quality Work now
being produced by independent creators. Spectrum London, no doubt, will quickly rise to the top of that number,
Beginning from March 2017, Spectrum London will be available for free on Vimeo and Rewry streaming app!


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