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Most Watched Funny Animal Videos

Updated on April 21, 2013
Anishpat profile image

Anish Patel is a writer filmmaker and CEO of HopMotion Animation Studio.

We’ve all experienced the call of the wild at one point in our life. While some of us answered that crazy call others logged on to cyberspace for their fix. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching adorable animal videos. Here’s a list of some of the most viewed videos doing the rounds.

Number 10

Dog Goes Crazy Watching Animal Planet

This adorable mutt knows where to get his entertainment. … Animal Planet’s Funniest Animals does the trick. He goes crazy every time the channel is flipped.

Views 1.3 million

Number 9

Honey Badger-The Most Fearless Animal on Earth

There’s a life lesson to learn from this creature of the wild: with crazy courage on your side, you can take on any species of any size. Learn from what many regard as the most fearless species on earth: the Honey Badger. The video shows the amazing animal taking on deadly animals.

Views: 6 million

Number 8

Cat Gets Caught Barking by a Human and Resumes Meowing

Don’t think you can bark your way out of this one. In this funny video the cat responds to barking by meowing… like a dog! The meowing animal’s giving the barking dog a run for its money.

Views: 8 million

Number 7

Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind

A friend in need is a dog indeed. This dog deserves a medal for his loyalty and courage, staying put with his canine friend. This touching video shows a dog in the aftermath of the Japanese Tsunami refusing to leave the sight of his injured friend.

Views: 11 million

Number 6

Cat Gone

For every good mystery there are those excruciating, gruesome spoilers that rob you of the experience. This is one of the funniest cat videos I have every seen where… well I won’t spoil the suspense by describing what happens and let you experience this one for yourself.

Views: 12 million

Number 5

Denver Official Guilty! Dog Video

Denver did you do this? Here every dog’s a suspect. And this funny dog video shows Denver trying his best to conceal his guilt but he looks guilty right from the start. This funny video proves that Denver is the most expressive dog in cyberspace.

Views:15 million

Number 4

Otters Holding Hands

I promise to hold your hand and float away in those icy cold waters for the rest of my life. And that’s exactly what this content pair of otters is doing. Ah! Those simple pleasures of life, in times when love was simple and lovers were oblivious to the world. This is by far the cutest animal video doing the rounds.

Views: 16 millions

Number 3

Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten

Having a bad dream my baby? Don’t worry mommy’s here. This video is to salute the safe arms of mothers of every species. This can turn even the most stonehearted person into a gooey pussy? And if this does not warm your heart , I don’t know what will….

Views: 38 million

Number 2

Battle at Kruger

The ultimate underdog story, this video shows what happens when the underdogs decide to strike back. With strategy and united strength they make predators squeal in pain.

Views: 64 million

Number 1

Ultimate Dog Tease

This rage of a strange, talking dog video is unbelievably real. It’s made me view canines in a whole new light. However, if aliens were to watch this video, they would perhaps think that It’s actually the humans who are strange. With a video camera in hand they can even make a dog talk.

Views: 76 million

© 2011 Anish Patel


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    • Anishpat profile imageAUTHOR

      Anish Patel 

      6 years ago from San Francisco + Mumbai

      HiMargaritaEden, I love that onetoo! Thanks for stopping by.

    • MargaritaEden profile image


      6 years ago from Oregon

      I love how mom cat is hugging her baby, great picks, I like all of them!

    • Anishpat profile imageAUTHOR

      Anish Patel 

      7 years ago from San Francisco + Mumbai

      Lol! That is funny. Seems very real!

    • aslaught profile image


      7 years ago from Alabama

      Love the talking dog video!


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