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Most Watched Animated Short Films

Updated on October 30, 2018
Most Watched Funny Animated Short Films
Most Watched Funny Animated Short Films

The best thing about watching animated shorts films online is that it packages the fun of a 90 minute feature animation in less than 9 minutes. You can watch them anytime, anywhere. Instant gratification. There’s no buying an overpriced cinema ticket or holding your bladder after an overdose of jumbo sized cola.

Here’s my list of the most enjoyable top ten animated short films on the net.

Number 10

French Toast

This short may have lesser hits but it’s better than may of those that have more hits. It’s got everything you would in an animated short. A fine blend of heart, humor and surprise.

Views: 64,238

Number 9


An action packed short with a bumbling protagonist whose attempt to fly sets off a chain reaction of accidents that finally helps him take off. With the city of Istanbul for a backdrop this animation flies into the ninth spot.

Views: 260,830

Number 8


Ever wondered why some dolls you owned looked so life like? There’s always been something creepy about a room full of dolls. With it’s snow covered streets and the empty doll shop, this short paints the perfect eerie atmosphere. Kids under five close your eyes.

Views: 1,218,433

Number 7

Heavenly Appeals

Karma always catches up sooner or later and none is immune to it, not even a donut chugging angle. So let’s all watch and learn.

Views: 1,439,470

Number 6

Love Recipe

This is a film for the senses that shows love comes in all shapes and sizes. A movie that made it on the list for it’s delectable transitions. It makes your mouth water and your face smile.

Views: 1,459,972

Number 5


This one packs a power packed punch. We’ve all felt like this at some point or the other; like one big zero. Watch this one for the amazing ending.

Views: 1,527,854

Number 4

This Side Up

Downloading woes. That fancy box that magically gets you tunes is alien to a lot of us. Caution: don’t try this at home.

Views: 1,529,523

Number 3

The Passenger

‘The Passenger’ is the mother of all monster film shorts. Watch out for who’s sitting next to you on the bus hence forth.

Views: 1,837,352

Number 2


‘Finding Nemo’ made you look at seafood in a different light and so does Oktapodi. Never give up on your love even if you find yourself in deep waters. This eight-legged couple shows how to put up a fierce fight for love.

Views: 2,592,418

Number 1

Pigeon: Impossible

Pit a spy against a pigeon and throw in a brief case with the arsenal to take down an enemy country: that’s Pigeon Impossible. This one is my number one, for obvious reasons. Click away.

Views: 7,660,758

Do leave a comment below if you feel I may have missed out on any animated short films that should have made it to the list.


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