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Most annoying things we experience in our daily lives.

Updated on June 30, 2016

Some of the most annoying things we experience daily.

There are, certainly some things we see daily which makes us feel as if they are the creation of god in order to test the patience in us. There are some inevitable messy things which drives the peace out of us. Seriously, our mortal brain and body gets ruptured by the chaos these simple peace sucking things create. Creators of these peace-suckers are mainly fellow humans and occasionally our mother nature. The "annoying" is a small word for a such systematic torture they does to us.

However, lets begin our list :

  • Meaning less whatsapp forwards : There are some mankind's angles who believe in the messages like " Please share this message. Whatsapp donate 1$ for every share". They will forward these messages thinking whatsapp as a app created by lord itself to serve the suffering mankind. They seriously need to understand that whatsapp is social networking platform but not a charitable asylum to serve the poor and suffering.
  • Tangled earphones : Even our earphone follows the policy of "Nothing in life gets easily". We have a great task of untangling them, where while doing so, at some point we even regret our idea of listening to some good music to escape from outside world's fuzz.
  • Choosing of the correct download button : We will come to know about the dark side of internet only when we are encountered with a website with lots of links all with the same thumbnail that reads "Download". So its like a hit and hope for us to click on the right download link.
  • Slow internet connection : This will very soon be the top reasons for increase of blood pressure and hypertension among human beings. Of course, slow connection happens due to many reasons and not a single person is to blame, but nonetheless it does nothing but adding up to our daily miseries we face.
  • Nonstop talkers : These are the ones worth mentioning in the list. There is nothing much to say about the ones who speak around hundred words a minute and none of them makes sense.They are annoying, unstoppable and unavoidable :(
  • Traffic : Nothing gets more annoying when u get stuck in a traffic while going to work. The irony is that we get stuck in traffic jams for hours to get to our destination which is minutes away.
  • People who doesn't use indicators : There some people who does true justification to the saying "Roads are full of idiots". They doesn't even know why the stick like thing located below their steering and what does it do.
  • Forgetting the passwords : It must be accepted that sometimes we ourselves are the reasons for the miseries we face. We assume ourselves to be having ultra huge memory power and sets a unique password for each case and end up remembering only one thing that is the fact show casing our high memory standards which are set by ourselves.
  • Laptop / Desktop freezing : Things get really frustrating when your electronic sibling stops working the way he should be.
  • Getting "k" as a reply from your friends : Though they mean to say "okay", in a short and simple way possible, still the sight of our long well written message getting replied with a single lettered "k" is a sad one to see.
  • People starting the conversation in the doorway : Some people with great mental wisdom starts conversations in a mid door way. Their idea is to test what will we choose, to abruptly end the talking and walk away or go with them until the conversation is ended. In both the cases we are the victims of awkwardness.
  • Food delivery getting late : You will know what starving means only when your ordered food takes a life-time to reach you. That is the moment when the delivery guy becomes the savior to save you from hunger for the money you are paying in return.
  • Epic smokers in public : Imagine how sad it is to pay the bill for someone else's thrill. Well, the case is not much different when you are being the victim of passive smoking. They even tarnish our health by asking " Mind if i smoke?". It is like asking whether you mind pumping the smoke from my lungs into yours?
  • Your smallest toe taking the largest pains : It is depressing to talk about the pain, our smallest toe undergoes, when it gets hit into the furniture. The pressure with which we make our little toe to hit the random things is so sad to express in words.

Well those are some of the peace killing things we usually see daily.

Don't forget to comment your irritating moments you face daily.

It is an open message from this hub that, of course we cant escape ourselves from these annoying things we face daily, but at least don't be the reason for creating them.

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Come, why not take an annoying poll?

What is most annoying of them all?

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