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Most music nowadays just doesn't cut it

Updated on July 4, 2013

None of that feel-good factor

This is a widely discussed topic that has exploded in chat rooms,fought for on YouTube videos and had double-page features in newspapers.The subject that is music nowadays.

Singers from the seventies have expressed disapproval to their younger sisters and brothers in the industry, defining them as less cultured and less musically inclined.Don Mclean said that no-one could have a hit like he did in the seventies.Suzy Quatro outlined female pop stars as "leaving nothing to the imagination" and their videos "borderline pornography".And the average fellows who were around in the swinging sixties seem to love admonishing music today as tuneless,crass,lewd and devoid of any talent.

Don't get me wrong,this is definitely true in the case of many famous names in the music industry nowadays such as LMFAO, Labyrinth and Katy Perry.But,such is life, at least there's still some decent tunes out there.Adele is top-notch and I've heard The script are still doing the rounds so it can't be all that bad.

The only problem I find with the tunes of today is that they just don't have that buoyant feel that elicits half-forgotten dance moves and lyrics from the listener.What made Abba so damn brilliant and Elton John a global superstar? They could create phenomenal tunes that got your heart pumping and your feet moving.Artists today just don't do that anymore.I think this is largely down to rap.

And yes-I mean rap with the silent c.These shallow, melodramatic,gloomy guys think they can slap up some semi-rhythmic lines about they're life and how depressed they are,generously throw in a plentiful amount of profanities,add beatbox to it and...voila-in 2 months it'll have 200 million downloads.

When rap entered the scene, it wasn't so bad.Its forefathers had a real talent for it.Yet now,it's the same old story with every goddamn song-if you could even call it that.And pop isn't far behind.Dull lyrics.Lots of drum beats but not much else.And not a fun tune insight.

Yet, if there's one exception to the drivel they play on radio stations today, it would be what has been praised as the most dance-enticing song since the macarena-PSY's Gangnam style.Yes, he may be lustful and repetitive and the song confined to only one riff but that's fine-the fact that it is mostly korean and I still want to bop like never before is nothing short of a miracle.Congratulations to him and may we have many more of the sort, otherwise I may just die of boredom.

What's your opinion on music?

Is music today better or worse than it was in the sixties,seventies,eighties and nineties?

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He may be ridiculous but he gets me on my feet


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