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Mother! Review

Updated on September 20, 2017
2 stars for Ratings

Darren Aronofsky sure does love his meataphors. Like every reviewer, there's some sort of bias going into the film. Everyone has a short of bias when seeing a movie like the Emoji Movie (2017) and wishes they weren't. However, they try to conceal their bias and present an open argument to give their audiences a faif and balanced opinion. This was the conundrum I had to face going into Aronofsky's newest film as my opinions of his craft is very low. His movies tend be more of a shocking, have blantant stupid metaphors without a good story, and top it off eith cheesy/terrible narrative. There's a certain craft that I do love about his films and its that they're allows well made. From the production design to the craft of making the shots and cinematography have always been top notch. However, his story department lacks usually with over the top bad performances and spoon fed metaphors.

Mother (Jenifer Lawrenc) is the tale of mother, a stay at home mom who's trying to inspire his husband Him (clever). Him (Javier Bardem) hasn't had an inspiration in a long time and he's struggling with creating new content to write about. The vision isn't there until one day someone comes knocking at the door. Although, these people already seem off as they mistaken it for bed and breakfast. Also, him's attitude has changed, causing pain in Mother's heart. There's also something more sinister happening in the basement.

The plot is very hard to explain without spoilong anything, as the heart of the story realies on spoiling the metaphors that lie beneath the surface. The ideas revolving around the metaphors are really good and the set pieces are a thing of beauty. Although, like his other works, Aronofsky loves to spoon feed metaphors. Requiem for a dream is the United States craze for drugs, black swan is the choas a dancer has to endure to become the star, and Pi is the love for a discovery that will soon eat away at your soul. Mother! is a huge metaphorical criticism on humans beings and our fascination with distraction.

Those wanting to understand the buzz around the film should know that last part going in. This movie will not give you all the answers unless you think about it. It's not a movie that will literally tell you the ending or explain anything. Well, wait. I just told you the messages are spoon fed to you. Thid correct but there has to be some level of thinking going on to pick up on it. This was the main problem of the film. Even with them spoon feeding this information to you, most general audience members didn't pick up on all the metaphors. That's the problem when they started marketing the film to the general audience and creating the screenpl to fit a general audiences mind. They had to spoon feed that information to them, but they didn't get it anyways. If it was more in the indie territory, they could have made the same film, but disguised their mediphors. No spoilers but there's a part of the film where I was on board with it and metaphors we're just all over the place, but it wasn't straight up explaining it to you, then a scene happens where they pretty much criticize Christianity and it lost me there. Not for the criticism, but for the plot coming to a halt to force out a metaphor by throwing it in your face. As a concept Mother! works, as a film, it fails.

Overall, I didn't hate the film. It had its moments of brilliance and ideas of creativity. There were some great performances by Javier and some supporting ones, except for Lawerence (which I usually like a lot). However, this would have worked more as a short film rather than extended thesterical release and would have been better if it was make to market towards an indie crowd; allowing them to not be restricted by spouting out the meaning (which I already got from that 15 minutes of bat shit crazy) of the movie to us. The concept was unique, but ended up being a waste of time.



Her performance was disappointing. Not all of it was bad but the script didn't give her lines to succeed. Most of the dialogue was pretty awful and didn't feel any bit realistic.
Her performance was disappointing. Not all of it was bad but the script didn't give her lines to succeed. Most of the dialogue was pretty awful and didn't feel any bit realistic.


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