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Motherhood takes us to a day in the Life of a Mom

Updated on February 16, 2013

It started out as what would seem to most, a very simple and uneventful day in the life of most mothers. In Motherhood , Eliza Welsh (played by Uma Thurman) is planning what would be consider a common event in the life of any parent, that being her daughter’s birthday party. Her little girl ( played by Daisy Tahan) has just turned six, and Eliza wants to remember the moment by taking a photo of her little girl, while she still is sleeping. Her and her husband Avery (played by Anthony Edwards) struggle financially and live in small apartment in Greenwich Village. He works at his job at the medical center and she’s a stay at home mom.

Eliza has to face all the struggles and tribulations, that any stay at home mom would face. She finds that she has to constantly multi-task, just to make it through the day, yet she feels she has no real purpose. She has postponed her dreams of being a writer to devote herself to the task of raising her two precious children. She writes a daily blog, in an effort to stay sane. On that day she sees a pop up for a contest asking for a 500 word essay on motherhood. The first prize was a three thousand dollar a month writing job. She decides she wants to enter this contest. It is a chance for her to write again and bring in some money.

After dropping her daughter of at school, her day starts to become hectic. She suddenly realizes she forgot to curb her dog. After she gets her dog, she finds that the street cleaner is coming and she has to move her car. Her dog does its business right there on the sidewalk, causing another pedestrian to get upset and having no time to deal with the matter, she just gets in her car with her three year old son Lucas (played by David and Matthew Schallip) and leave the poo behind. She is honked at and insulted by pedestrians, until she finally has to leave her beloved parking spot. To make matter worse, when she leaves to go to the park a scene for a film is being shot in her neighborhood and all the cars are moved.

Eliza finds herself with no car and a list of preparations that are needed to be done for her daughter’s birthday party. Eliza ends up having to do all her errands on her bike. At the store she gets into an argument with a very obnoxious young man, who says that her cell phone conversation was interfering with his personal space, I tell you, only in New York. Then at the bakery they misspell her daughter's name, and adding to her aggravation, another customer tells her that her daughter has a librarian’s name. To make matters worse her bike has a flat tire, therefore she has to wheel her bike, while carrying all the packages for her daughter’s birthday party.

She has an interesting moment when a messenger that was delivering a letter for her husband, not only helps her take up all her bags, he also dances with her to a song by a group named Pylon. It kind of an energetic tune so they jump up and down for a while, until she finally she gets tired. Soon after the messenger leaves, her friend, Sheila (played by Minnie Driver) who had confided to her about some of her sexual foibles, earlier that day, is upset because she had included these details of her friend’s life in her blog. Sheila is very upset and yells to her from the street in front of other people.

The last straw for Eliza is when she read her husbands notes on her first draft. She is upset because he wrote that he found some of her work to be banal. Eliza, who has had a day in hell, finally can’t take anymore. She runs out of the house and takes car and just drives of. Her husband calls her to remind her of her daughter’s party. She is too upset and ends up in New Jersey. Suddenly her son Lucas chokes on a lollipop, her husband is able to get Lucas to cough it out. This puts things in perspective for Eliza and she hurries home. She then has a heart to heart conversation with her husband. Avery being a very wise and caring man is able to say exactly what she needs to hear. He reassures her, and is able to offer his support.

Soon after the party Avery has a surprise for her, by this he show her how much he cares and loves her. The movie ends on happy note. We never really know if Eliza won the writing contest, but we do know that she’s winner no matter what happens.

Motherhood is a great movie about the one woman many take for granted, and that is their mothers. I’m not saying everyone does, but lets face there are times when we all expect Mom to just be there. Often moms are not always treated like people, who have their own personal hopes and dreams that go beyond their roles.

Even though children need a mother, we must always make sure that her contribution is not taken for granted. Being a mother is hard work, it takes selfless effort and devotion. Mothers are multitaskers by the very definition of their job title. Having to be the cook, clean up crew, chauffeur, and the activities coordinator for the family is not easy. A devoted mother will often lose herself in her selfless efforts to give her family what they need. We must never forget that. Like all of us, moms need outlets to. Therefore, it is important that the family give her time for her hobbies, or just some me time, so she doesn’t feel used and abused. Remember, she’s not just the woman who gave birth to you, but also the one who is in many ways is responsible for making you, who you are


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    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thank you MyWebs and De Greek, I always appreciate your input.

      MyWebs I'm sure you were a really great son, and I'm sure your mom adores you, now if you were anything like my brothers than maybe your mom may have been tempted, like my mom was at times, then again my mom still adores both my brothers.

      De Greek, Thats true a mother does get the lion's share of her children's time, Fathers on the other hand either get what they call "quality time" or hardly no time at with their children,and that is very sad. The work world can be very demanding. It would be great if they did a movie called Fatherhood that talks about the other side of the coin.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 

      8 years ago from UK

      Ah, but think of the benefits... She has the love, the adoration of her children and that is a compensation that is priceless.

      Poor dad comes home and often the children are asleep. He has to tiptoe to their bedrooms to have a peak and mabe steal a kiss without waking them. He has a fraction of the time the "stay at home" mom does with the kids.... Just think of the other side of the coin for a minute... Pehaps as hard as moms' work is, it has precious compensations not alsway fully available to poor overworked dad.. :-)

    • MyWebs profile image

      Anthony Goodley 

      8 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Another good movie review. Moms sure don't get enough credit.

      Thinking back in horror at some of the things I did as a teen I'm surprised mom didn't sell me on the black market for spare change.

    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thanks you, I think moms are great to.

    • thevoice profile image


      8 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific mommy great


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