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Mother's Day (2016)

Updated on May 10, 2016
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Steven Escareno is an amateur film critic who writes about movies in his spare time.

Mother's Day

Director: Garry Marshall

Writers: Tom Hines, Lily Hollander, Anya Kochoff, Matthew Walker

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Olyphant, Julia Roberts, Shay Mitchell, Caleb Brown, Brandon Spink, Sam Marshall, Siena LaGambina, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Matthew Walker, Suzanne Haring, Marty Nadler, Rob Nagle, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Ethan Marshall, Emma Marshall, Penny Marshall, Hector Elizondo, Adreana Gonzalez, Larry Miller, Jason Sudeikis, Ella Anderson, Jessi Case, Loni Love, Lucy Walsh, Beth Kennedy, Brittany Belt , Grayson Russell, Britt Robertson, Jack Whitehall, Gianna Simone, Drew Matthews, Gary Friedkin, Jon Lovitz, Paul Vogt

Synopsis: Three generations come together in the week leading up to Mother's Day.

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for language and some suggestive material

Stevennix2001's Rating:

5 / 10


- Acting was decent

- Some of the jokes were funny; in spite of being a bit cheesy sometimes.

- Direction wasn't too bad.


- Because there was too many subplots to keep track of, you never have time to get to know any of the characters.

- Each subplot feels rushed

- While not the worst movie that I've ever seen, it does feature a lot of old tropes and cliches that makes it arguably one of the most forgettable movies out there.

"Mother's Day?" More like GARBAGE DAY!!!!

Like the adult cult animated classic, "Heavy Metal", there's a lot of great intersecting side stories that feature intriguing premises that probably would've made great movies on their own individually, but it suffers from the fact that it never allows any of these stories the time to develop properly, so we can ever get fully invested into them. Like "New Year's Eve" and "Valentine's Day", it's essentially a series of intersecting stories involving various people that happen to either know each other, or they happen to be going through similar situations on the exact freaking day.

While I hesitate to call "Mother's Day" a bad film, I will say that it's probably one of the most cliched and predictable movies that I've ever seen. One story involves a widower, who's a single father that's still coping with the loss of his deceased wife that passed away ages ago. His friends keep trying to fix him up, but he has no desire to move on...or does he? Enter Jennifer Aniston's character, who happens to be a divorced mom. But wait, there's more. She happens to be going through her own little drama around "Mother's Day." As luck would have it, her ex husband found a wife that's literally half his age, and her kids have taken to her quite well. Almost too well, to where she starts to get jealous, as it causes her severe stress.

Meanwhile, her friend, and her friend's sister, are having their own little drama as well. What could it be? Well for starters, they both haven't visited their parents in years. One of them has flat avoided them completely because she was afraid that they wouldn't accept her then Indian boyfriend turned husband. While the other one, she still talks to them via skype, but she lies to them about her life because she's a lesbian, and doesn't want them to find out. Gee, I wonder how this crap it going to turn out. I mean it's not like their parents are going to coincidentally visit them the exact same freaking weekend the girls are together with their perspective lovers. What are the odds right?

And of course, there's another drama involving another one of their friends, who's raising a baby with her boyfriend, whom she refuses to marry yet doesn't mind sharing a bed with. Her problem? She doesn't want to marry him because she has unresolved mother issues, as she yearns to be reunited with her biological mother, whom she's never met before. Enter Julia Roberts' character, who happens to be a wealthy business woman. Off camera, this girl is able to figure out that Julia's character is her mother. And of course if you've seen enough movies before, then chances are you already know how each of these subplots play out.

However, the real crime "Mother's Day" suffers from is the fact that it's basically a forgettable story with recycled tropes that were done much better in other movies. Not to mention the fact that because this film focuses on various stories at once, it never allows you to ever feel fully invested into either of them.

Don't get me wrong, it's nowhere near the level of s**t that sites like "Rotten Tomatoes" will have you believe, but it's still a mediocre forgettable film reeked with tired old cliches and tropes that make it arguably one of the most generic movies ever made.

© 2016 Stevennix2001


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