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Mother's Mercy Moments

Updated on June 15, 2015

Game of Thrones 5x10 Deaths and Predictions

I just watched the newest Game of Thrones episode and I can't say I was entirely surprised by some of the outcomes. After all, this show, and the books that hatched it, are rich with surprises and unexpected deaths. While some deaths are entirely justified, even appropriate, like Joffrey getting poisoned, others leave us cringing at the injustices of life, as with the case of Robb Stark. And some are just downright predictable given how the characters behave.

Having read something of the books, I knew Jon Snow was going to get knifed, but I found it strangely historic, the way the writers chose to depict his death. The Ides of March comes to mind. His death is a tragedy...or is it? Some say he isn't done yet and even the book suggests it.

The death of Ser Meryen Trant wasn't exactly pleasant to watch, but extremely gratifying. Watch a pedophile get what he deserves is always plus point. In fact, his death was almost exactly the way I imagined it happening, with Arya pretending to be a victim and then quite handily turning the tables on him.

Brienne of Tarth killing Stannis was extremely satisfactory. For a man willing to commit filicide in his mad lust for power, an anticlimactic death like being beheaded while lying against a tree is fitting. No one wanted him to be king and he died forgotten.

I was most pleased to see Tyrion Lannister finally get the chance to rule again; he did so well as Hand of the King under Jofferey Baratheon. Hopefully, Meereen will be kinder to him than King's Landing. As good as he is at playing the game, I tend to think he will do well. And with Lord Varys lending a hand, how can he fail?

I also knew Cersei Lannister would have to perform a penance walk. I wasn't really looking forward to seeing that, given the grotesque and humiliating nature of the whole affair, it was a shot below the belt. Lena Headey performed brilliantly, equal parts pride and anguish as she walked stiff-backed down the street. In some cultures death would be preferable; ten points for endurance, I say.

As for Myrcella Lannister's death, that was a surprise, but again not unexpected, seeing as the soothsayer's prophecy, which Cersei has created a paradox in her efforts to avoid, must come true; Tommen is next.

I am supremely disappointed that Ramsey Bolton is still alive. Seeing his head on a spike would have been most gratifying, though I am relieved that Sansa Stark and Theon (Reek) Greyjoy managed to escape, albeit temporarily if the show continues its present course. Poetic justice would suggest Sansa escapes but Theon is captured and killed, but as we all know this show isn't a big fan of justice or poetry, preferring sharp knives to fluid storytelling, which in itself is extremely beautiful work.

So what does this mean for the future of the show? Are all the characters that died destined to stay dead? Well, that's a matter of some debate.

Melisandre coming to Castle Black is fortuitous. Hopefully, she can bring Jon back to life with her powers, which would give him an out from the Night's Watch (the oath is for life, but when you've been dead...), but let's hope she can do it before Davos Seaworth finds out she talked Stannis into burning Shireen alive.

Arya going blind, according to the books, is actually part of her training, but we'll see if the writers change that too. Her future with the Many Faced God is uncertain.

Sansa and Theon, assuming they escape, will most likely make their way to Castle Black and join her brother, again assuming he wakes from death, or perhaps to seek out her brothers in hiding. Brienne and Podrick, on the lookout for Sansa, would be excellent allies in her quest for freedom and they are probably the only trustworthy people in Westeros right now.

Cersei and Jamie Lannister will most likely have an extreme falling out over Myrcella's death, or so the books indicate, as Cersei will no doubt interpret this as a failure on his part. And with all she's been through this season, word of her beloved daughter's death will most likely break her and force her further into delirium and madness. Part of me thinks her character is slightly bipolar.

Tommen Baratheon, assuming he lives much longer, will be the puppet of whoever ends up on top; Cersei, Margaery Tyrell (assuming she gets out of prison), the High Sparrow, whoever.

And here is the number one question on everyone's mind: What happens to Daenerys Targaryen? Being surrounded by thousands of barbaric Dothraki bloodriders hellbent on pillaging their way across Essos doesn't bode well for her. On the other hand, the Dothraki only fear two things: Dishonor and dragons, which when I last checked, Danny still has one who likes to come running whenever she's in trouble. Two ways this works out: She's captured and tortured/enslaved and/or killed, or she gets a brand new army for her war machine. There is always the possibility she will be rescued by Jorah Mormont, of course. Given that she's supposed to the Lord of Light's champion, it wouldn't be logical for her die just yet, though she may get wrapped around the axle a few times before she sits on the Iron Throne, assuming the White Walkers don't get there first.

Of course, there are a lot of theories out there, so I could be wrong. And given the random temperament of the show, I probably am. But from the way things have been working out so far, at least one of these predictions will come true. After all, we don't have very many of the original cast left to adore now that so many old faces have joined the others at the Table of the Fallen.


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