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Motivation for Young Movie Makers

Updated on June 19, 2013

Young movie makers can be motivated to write, direct, and produce their own independent movies by following the example of Robert Rodriguez’s 1992 film El Mariachi and Edward Burn’s 1995 movie The Brothers McMullen.

Robert Rodriguez made the movie El Mariachi in a small town in Northern Mexico. Some of the actors were amateurs. The movie was filmed in 16mm and cost only a few thousand dollars to make. The Mariachi is mistakenly identified as an assassin by a mob boss in Mexico. The plot takes off from there. The film has minimum dialogue and lots of action. The movie was picked up by Colombia Pictures and released. Robert Rodriguez is presently a major Hollywood icon.

Edward Burns’1995 Sundance Film Festival award winning movie is The Brothers McMullen. Edward Burn’s wrote, directed, acted in and produced the movie for under $30,000. It was filmed in 16mm on Long Island, NY with scenes in Manhattan and Central Park. The movie is about an Irish American Family. There is lots of interesting dialogue in the film. When watching the movie, listen to what the actors are saying. The Brothers McMullen was distributed by 20th Century Fox. Edward Burns has become a major movie producer and actor.

A young film maker has a better chance to get a movie produced when the screenplay has two or three locations. A major award winning movie, Leaving Las Vegas 1995, has two basic locals, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The movie was written and directed by Mike Figgis. It was based on the novel Leaving Las Vegas by John O’Brian. A screenwriter can study this screenplay to learn how to write a first class script.

Although vastly different in content, El Mariachi, The Brothers McMullen and Leaving Las Vegas have these things in common. They are well written, directed, produced and have only one or two major locals.


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