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Motivational Movies for Fitness!

Updated on June 2, 2012

Who doesn't enjoy a good movie?
A good movie about a seemingly normal person overcoming incredible odds can quite often be an excellent way to get motivated to train or stick to a strict eating plan. As far as good movies go, there are many these days that motivate different people in different ways but sometimes you need a movie tailored very directly to what you're doing inorder to get moving. So for reference we've compiled a small list of movies guaranteed to get you pumped!

The Rocky Movies
You can hear the music now, 'Eye of the Tiger', brings visuals of the well-reknowned Rocky Montages. The Rocky series is the story of Rocky Balboa, starting off in the streets as a boxer being given the chance to fight the current World Champion - Apollo Creed. With a basic story followed by an inspirational montage, then the final boxing showdown, each Rocky movie isn't exactly unpredictable, but excellent for getting pumped up! Many big names involved such as Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Mr. T, and Dolph Lundgren, each an A grade muscle bound hero/nemesis giving a physique to aspire to!

They were the ultimate hard-asses. With a fight or die attitude that saw them become one of the most respected armies of history, 300 focuses on the Spartan Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans (with some help from other Greek states), showed up and gave the Persians a run for their money. This movie captures the 'Never give up attitude' with a solid masculine grunt to back it up. Gerard Butler makes an excellent Leonidas, both physically and characteristically, creating an unforgettable story. The entire cast had to undergo an extensive and rigorous training regimen (If you have the DVD or Bluray - check out the video on 'Spartan Training' under special features). A must watch to make you want to get in the gym!

Enter the Dragon
Here's a chance to see the most exciting Martial Artist of our time in his last ever performance in front of the camera before his tragic death in 1973. Thought by many to be the greatest Martial Arts movie ever, Enter the Dragon focusses on Lee, in his mission to enter a Martial Arts Tournament and uncover some facts about Han, the man running the whole show, and lock him up for good. With stunning fight sequences and the mastery of technique only Bruce Lee has to offer the camera, this one not to miss at all! Get psyched up for Enter the Dragon!

The story of the young Cassius Marcellus Clay as he becomes Muhammad Ali and the World Heavyweight Boxing Champ, only to have his life turn around as he's faced with the stripping of his title after refusing the Vietnam War military draft, showing sheer determination to work his way out the situation and back to the top, showing why he is 'The Greatest'. Will Smith underwent a long training regime of boxing and weightlifting to sell the Ali physique. An awes-inspiring movie about one of the greatest athletes of our time, with excellent boxing sequences that thrill any Ali fan.

Pumping Iron
The movie about the man (and many others) who changed bopdy building and fitness forever. Pumping Iron is a 'Docudrama' filmed during what some call the 'Golden Age of Bodybuilding'. The movie starts off introducing Arnold Schwarzenegger( a.k.a.'The Austrian Oak') & Franco Columbu, introducing the world of Bodybuilding, the lifestyle, competition and quite interestling, the 'Mind games' that went on at these competitions, particularly by Arnie. An interesting look at Arnold before he was massively famous as the Terminator and an A List celebrity, with a look at some of History's most famous Bodybuilders. No question, you will feel the need to 'Pump it up' after this one.

Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story
Based on the true story of the legendary Bruce Lee, this movie focuses on the achievements of his life, and the massive obstacles he overcame to get there. This movie is very inspiring to anyone interested in fitness or Martial Arts in general, as it has an emphasis on both the physical and mental challenges of becoming all you can be, with an added layer of overcoming racial barriers of being a chinese in a prodominantly caucasian environment, where acceptance is very minimal. Jason Scott Lee is an excellent Bruce Lee, capturing the spirit and philosophy of Bruce Lee, with the same physical edge that creates exciting fight sequences anyone can enjoy.


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