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Motorhead Mad Man Dead.

Updated on December 29, 2015

The Flame Of Rock In Its Various Forms Still Burns Bright.

Kerrang Magazine And Radio Still Keeping The Faith Of Rock.
Kerrang Magazine And Radio Still Keeping The Faith Of Rock. | Source
Motorhead Emblem.
Motorhead Emblem. | Source
Motorhead The Band Featuring Lemmy.
Motorhead The Band Featuring Lemmy. | Source

Man Who Lived Life To The Full Gone But Not Forgotten.

Sad news has come through from 'Sky News' that bassist and singer with the band Motorhead which formed in 1975 has died at his home peacefully while playing electronic games surrounded by his family. Lemmy Kilmister leaves two sons one from blood and one he adopted.

Marital bliss never captured Lemmy as he said he preferred life on the road to being married and he lived life to the full boozing and taking drugs and apparently sleeping with 1000 women. Motorhead's manager Todd Singerman who has been taking care of Motorhead's business affairs ever since the band first appeared said Lemmy's rock lifestyle made Keith Richards look like one of the 'Golden Girls'. Lemmy's Motorhead band mates implored rock fans every where to play Motorhead music loud and any other music Lemmy was involved with like the band Hawkwind.

Despite his hard drinking, hard drug taking and womanising lifestyle out of the limelight Lemmy was known to be a gentleman and gracious character.

Fellow metalers Ozzy Osbourne Tweeted his sadness on hearing the news and Gene Simmons also said he was also sad to hear the news. Lemmy has been called the last true rock star and maybe he was or at least one of the last true rock stars who lived life in the fast lane as it were but unlike some like Jim Morrison, John Bonham and even Amy Winehouse all who died before their time including the Stone's Brian Jones Lemmy lived the debauched lifestyle and survived and flourished having a number of hits with Motorhead like 'The Ace Of Spades' and 'Its A Bomber'.

Motorheads music was and is brash, loud and probably the forerunner of Thrash Metal and Lemmy also got along with the Punk fraternity. Lemmy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer which in the end saw him off.

When you go through today's charts mainly full of R n B, Rap and Bubblegum Pop you realize Motorhead and other Hard Rock bands though not everyone's cup of tea were something unique. Although Metal and Rock is still around today in some form and there are bands out there still keeping true to the genre I feel the charts and popular music in general is a poorer place without bands like Motorhead that do not seem to get the air play they once did unless you listen to radio stations like 'Kerrang' or BBC's Radio 1's Rock show late at night still remaining true to all forms of rock whether it be Indie, Punk, or Metal.



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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      3 years ago from Blackpool


    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      3 years ago from The Garden State

      Such a bummer. Long live Lemmy. :(


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