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Movie: Disaster Wrong Turn

Updated on August 31, 2016

For better or worse

There are many movies that was amazing, yet when the sequels was released it was horrible, where some was better, I am not always sure why some of them goes from good to bad or bad to good, most likely a new director and in some cases MONEY Chasers.

Wrong Turn Cover

Wrong Turn DVD Cover
Wrong Turn DVD Cover | Source

It was a good movie it took long to kick of but in the end it wasn't so bad, the story had a better twist then most serial killer movies and the deformed hillbillies didn't look bad at all.

Wrong Turn 2

Wrong Turn 2 DVD Cover
Wrong Turn 2 DVD Cover

More action more gore, while shooting a TV survival program, the story was good and the actors not to bad them self, the trapped survivors manage to kill some of them with a cliff hanger of two surviving which already indicated a third movie in the series, it was a fact as the second one got some really good reviews.

Wrong Turn 2 Trailer

Wrong Turn 3

Wrong Turn 3 DVD Cover
Wrong Turn 3 DVD Cover

To me this was truly one of the best movies of them all, prisoners escape into the forest to find there money stash that was hidden in the forest, from here they kill each other on the same time ravishing the deformed hillbillies where only two survived as the cliff hanger on the second one indicated.

Mid way in the movie the youngest one gets killed by there own trap, the father later finds them and goes into a frenzy to hunt all of them down and at end as far as I believe, if there is a part that i am missing this was the last one that gets killed.

So to my conclusion the movies made good money and Wrong Turn 3 got great reviews with some bad, but this couldn't end here so it was decided to restart and re-master the entire story and this is where Wrong turn 4 and 5 comes in that was rubbish in my opinion.

Wrong Turn 4

Wrong Turn 4 DVD Cover
Wrong Turn 4 DVD Cover

A group sets out and gets lost in a ice blazing storm, where they retreat to an abandoned mental institution, this is where all of the hillbillies originally came from as children each one malformed as well mental problems showing cravings for meat, the movie start brutal and soon they start picking the survivors apart one by one, at end there is no survivors. The animations and affects looks even worse when comparing them to the first, second and third movie.

Wrong Turn 5

Wrong Turn 5 DVD Cover
Wrong Turn 5 DVD Cover

A young group travels to a town to have fun at the hillbilly festival, everyone is dressed as hillbillies as the town had the legend of flesh eating hillbillies, everything goes fine and well for the small young group, on there way to the festival they run over a man, this guy was no stranger to the movie, they rush out to see if they are OK but in fact it was a trap, the man quickly cuts the one guy and then the cops came before the hillbillies could jump the group they are both taken in to custody by the sheriff, the rest of the group is booked in a motel.

This is where the killing really start yet gain its brutal but really fake looking with a over rated amount of gore like they were trying hard to compare to Saw.

Either way every one die except for the girl that were playing the role of an insecure, scared girl, that got her eyes removed, escaping everything running blindly along the road the man and his hillbillies picks her up and end the movie basically how they are going to use and rape her and that's where it end.

If you saw the movie then you would know this serial killer is the old man that got blown up in the second movie by dynamite.

Wrong Turn 4 and 5 is clearly origins of course but why name it 4 and 5? which indicate 3 will continue on to 4 and 5 will continue where for left of.

None the less this is a movie not worth watching neither 4 or 5, after the release of these two movie in a row gave the Wrong Turn reputation a really bad name with many ratings and comments to prove it.

With this case I can safely say they didn't pocket enough money you see there is a disease it has many names, where once you get more then enough money it becomes an urge to make more money and with this a lot of rush to making that and I am sure they did as many people expected a good Wrong Turn 4 and 5 but once rented, bought a movie ticket only at the end you will realise it was a waste.

As I see Wrong Turn 4 and 5 this is a two part origin where on my bet the Director and producers believed they can stretch it out before ending it in order to gain more, for all I know there might be more coming if they find the budget for it, this time I will be smart and ask friends to watch it first or check reviews and as many trailers as possible even though the trailer can also lie.

In other words it was a money fountain they didn't want to dry up so fast.

Wrong Turn 5 Trailer


Wrong Turn

The story was slow and nothing much that went on in the movie, which made it feel similar to a Drama with some gore, only in the middle of the movie nearly close to the end it starts to gain some speed.

My Rating: 6/10

Wrong Turn 2

The story was good I liked, though Melissa figured it could have had more twists in it, the gore wasn't highly overdo and the affects wasn't so bad to us.

My Rating: 7/10

Wrong Turn 3

Yet again the story had a new plot and a very interesting one where they face of to criminals just as tough and rough as the Hillbillies giving it more action slightly less gore and over all a good combination.

My Rating: 8/10

Wrong Turn 4 and 5.

I will give credit to Wrong Turn 4 as it did show the origins of these flesh eaters, but since five still feels like a origin I will just rename it to Wrong Turn 4 part 1 and part 2 and thus rate them together as one movie.

Both movies had terrible stories with not a single survivor but one that will end up a rape victim and get killed any ways, the effects was terrible and the large amount of gore was just as bad, the torturing wasn't bad we kind of liked them but in the end it was a disappointment.

My Rating 4/10


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© 2014 Phillip Grobler


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