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Movie 'Dispicable Me' Review: A Fun Movie for Kids and Their Parents!

Updated on January 31, 2014

Dispicable Me (2010) Cast

Main Characterss

Steve Carrell - Dr. Gru

Jason Segel - Vector

Russell Brand - Dr. Nafario

Julie Andrews - Dr. Gru's Mom

Will Arnett - Mr. Perkins (mean banker)

Kristen Wiig - Miss Hattie (mean orphanage lady)

Miranda Cosgrove - Margo

Dana Gaier - Edith

Elsie Kate Fisher - Agnes

Steve Carrell - Dr. Gru


Jason Segel - Vector


Russell Brand - Dr. Nafario


The Plot

Dispicable Me, directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, is not your run of the mill “bad guy finds a heart” movie. It is far more appealing and creative in its story line as well as its imaginative animation. Dr. Gru, the main character voiced by Steve Carrell, is a self proclaimed evil genius who has a proclivity for being, well, despicable… Whether it’s lack of compassion for grief, self centeredness, or general disregard for objects and people around him, he generally is an unlikeable fellow to say the least. Early on in the film he is disheartened to learn from his partner Dr. Nafario (voiced by Russell Brand) that an unknown newbie villain has pulled off an unprecedented heist of the great Pyramid at Giza. Not to be outdone, Gru informs his minions, an adorable group of hyperactive yellow critters he calls his workforce, that they will partake in the crime of the century, not to be equaled. They will steal the moon!

Aging Evil

Pulling off such a feat will require a vast amount of cash from the Bank of Evil. Mr. Perkins (voiced by Will Arnette), the evil banker refuses Gru a loan until he can be shown that he possesses the secretly government funded “shrink ray” that would be require to pull off a feat such as the theft of the moon. Not to be trusted for just having a plan, Mr. Perkin’s makes it clear that there are younger, hungrier villains, like his (not yet known) son, Vector (Jason Segel) pulling off heists like the stealing of the pyramid. This would be Gru’s last chance to be funded by Perkins and the Bank of Evil. Throughout the film, Gru is tormented by memories of his hard to impress mother (Julie Andrews) when faced with the prospects of fulfilling his life work without funding which is ultimately denied by Mr. Perkins despite obtaining the Shrink Ray. A main reason for this is the addition of three unexpected children coming into his life, Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and Agnes (Elsie Kate Fisher).

Will Arnett - Mr. Perkins


Julie Andrews - Dr. Gru's Mom


They Turned His Life Upside Down

Originally adopted from Ms. Hattie's (Kristen Wiig) orphanage as a ruse to sneak girl scout "cookie robots" in to his antagonist Vector's home in an attempt to re-obtain the stolen Shrink Ray gun, Gru gradually and painstakingly grow fond of the little girls charms despite being damaged by the perception that his mother didn't think much of him. However, just when their relationship is budding and Gru and the girls found common ground of interest at an amusement park, Dr. Nafario calls Ms. Hattie claiming Gru would like to return the girls to the orphanage. Torn between completing his life's work and fulfilling his newly won over heart, Gru doesn't resist and presses on to the moon, destined to miss the girls long anticipated dance recital. Upon retrieval of the moon, Gru rushes home to hopefully see the end of the recital and reclaim the young cuties he reluctantly gave up, he faces the unthinkable; Vector took Agnes, Edith, and Margo for ransom. His price? The moon!

The Finale of the Epic Battle

Without second thought Gru makes the exchange but the "unpredictable" Vector decides to hold on to the girls for a while longer staging an epic battle to regain the hearts and trust of the girls into Gru's safe, and newly loving arms. In the end, this story proves that once you are touched by love, you would give the stars, sun, and particularly the moon in order to keep.

Dana Gaier (Edith), Elsie Kate Fisher (Agnes), and Miranda Cosgrove (Margo)

Actresses listed left to right as in picture.
Actresses listed left to right as in picture. | Source

Kristen Wiig - Ms. Hattie


Parent Aprooved!

Although Despicable Me is filled with slap stick violence and borderline sociopaths behavior on the part of the antagonist and protagonist alike, the over all message of love an confidence above all as well as pure entertainment value make it worth the watch. My nearly 3 year old son loves the movie, the sound track, and especially the little yellow minions and seems to get the joke even when it is in the form of cartoon-ish violence. The only precaution I would make as a parent is if you have an easily frightened child, you may want to avoid this movie or at very least cover their eyes when Mr. Perkins is on the scene. He is a bit of a dicey, intimidating, and overbearing character which translate easily to "scary" for a young mind.

Enjoy the show!


How it Rates

5 stars for Dispicable Me (2010)

Despicable Me Official Teaser (2010)


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