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Movie Meddeling

Updated on August 11, 2011
Uninterrupted Rage at unwanted memories.
Uninterrupted Rage at unwanted memories. | Source

What is happening to Hollywood with this crazy flip to remakes some time it could bring a freshness to the movie or it could be a total flop some of us like the original characters, but you do have new audience that haven’t seen the originals. That fact alone may make the new kids want to check out the originals.

But what I want to know is why they seem to be veering away from the comic book heroes. They have done some great one. The Iron Man movies with Robert Downey Jr. are just fabulous lets see another installment on that. As long as Downey can shoot them out I think it's much better that a remake at least it's something new. The transformers are doing well. I just think they messed up when they messed up when they pulled Megan Fox for what ever the reason. She should have stayed.

Another one they messed up was when they pulled Rachael Weisz and replacing her She was a big part of the movie and she and Brendan Fraser played so well of each other. The replacement made the total movie a flop.

People don't want change right now. With the economy the way it is we need to keep our superheroes coming and our heroines in place. This fiasco is another point for life interrupted.


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