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Movie Quotes of the Week #13

Updated on September 14, 2014

Selected from among those that have made a lasting, memorable impression on audiences, here's your weekly movie quotes. Enjoy! Don't forget to vote on your favorite below.

Snake Plissken before entering the New York prison
Snake Plissken before entering the New York prison | Source

Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) - Escape from New York

“Call me snake.”

The anti-hero was doomed to serve a life sentence on the island of Manhattan, which has been converted into a maximum security prison. However, he is provided a chance to redeem his freedom by rescuing the president. While initially reluctant to trust the authorities, Snake soon agrees to accept the deal. Although they manage to inject a miniaturized explosion in his neck so as to complete the mission as requested, one thing the ex-soldier will not stand for is being disrespected. When the New York Police Commissioner refers to him as Plissken repeatedly, Snake demands to be called by his alias. A classic action film that will take you to the bowls of an unchecked criminal underworld and a dark variation of one of the world's most recognized islands.

Garth "sponsored"
Garth "sponsored" | Source

Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) - Wayne's World

"It's like people only do these things because they can get paid. And that's just really sad."

Wayne's World is a tribute to the early 90s. The movie is Mike Myers at his best and is full of excellent one-liners. From Saturday Night Live to the big screen, Wayne and Garth never fail to make me laugh. Full of hilarious moments, this revelating declaration is delivered while the blonde is decked out in Reebock apparel from head to toe. Ironically and naively, Garth does not make the association, even though obvious to the audience and that's why it's awesome.

The cliffhanger ending of part I
The cliffhanger ending of part I | Source

Doc Brown (Christopher Llyod) - Back to the Future Part I

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Following a positive rewritten family history, Marty and Jennifer seek to share a kiss in front of his new 4x4 when the DeLorean distractingly bursts back into the present. Upon a brief elusion of Doc's troubling future findings, the trio board the time machine with aspirations of correcting the events of tomorrow. Hill Valley's brightest utters this line in response to Marty's warning that they wouldn't have enough room to reach the required 88 mph necessary to achieve temporal displacement. This scene once again appears in part II as Jennifer was recast for the sequel, which became a traditional, since they once again recapped the sequel's ending in part III. I can't wait until next year, when there will be self-lacing nikes, hover boards, flying cars, and a World Series victory for the Cubs.

"A flying DeLorean?"
"A flying DeLorean?" | Source

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