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Movie Quotes of the Week #12

Updated on September 7, 2014

Selected from among those that have made a lasting, memorable impression on audiences, here's your weekly movie quotes. Enjoy! Don't forget to vote on your favorite below.

Boo | Source
Boo and Sully
Boo and Sully | Source

Boo (Mary Gibbs) - Monster's Inc.


Although little Boo is beyond cute, she is a monster's worst nightmare as they have been brainwashed into thinking that the mere touch from a human child can be fatal. Sully and Mike Wazowski soon discover this not to be the case as the pair attempt to return the young child to her bedroom. Sully quickly forms a strong bond with the little girl, who calls him, "kitty." Hearing her identify the oversized monster as such always brings a smile to my face. Pixar has consistently turned out gems over the years, even when other studios leisurely resorted to producing countless remakes, and this one is a contender to be my absolute favorite.

Ripley in the power loader facing the Queen
Ripley in the power loader facing the Queen | Source
Ripley v the Queen
Ripley v the Queen | Source

Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) – Aliens

“Get away from her YOU BITCH!”

What can be said about Aliens, it's one of the greatest movie squeals of all time and packs some awesome one-liners. Following the false climax, we discover that the queen has stowed away on the drop ship and boarded the Sulaco with the remaining survivors. By the way, she's pissed! With her hive destroyed and offspring nuked, the unsuspecting android, Bishop, doesn't stand a chance as he's impaled and separated at the waist. After Ripley initially distracts her, but is forced to flee, the enormous xenomorph attempts to ensnare the defenseless little girl, Newt. Ripley intervenes and utters this now infamous line. If you're into action, suspense, horror, or sci-fi and haven't seen this movie, you're living under a rock.

yogurt | Source

Yogurt (Mel Brooks) - Spaceballs

"May the schwartz be with you."

This full-length feature parody of Star Wars contains a plethora of memorable lines, but I think most people would agree that this one stands out. Delivered by a gold painted Mel Brooks, who is blatantly portraying of Yoda, the schwartz is this movie's interpretation of the force. If you're familiar with Mel's other work or seeking to revisit a good comedy, than this quote and film are undeniably up your alley. I can't do either of them justice, nor will I even try. But then again, who hasn't seen Spaceballs.

Yogurt with yogurt doll
Yogurt with yogurt doll | Source

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