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Movie Reflection: Funny Money by Cooney Ray

Updated on July 15, 2015

In the “Funny Video” by Cooney Ray. I first watched this movie in august 28 2004 where it was first presented as a videotaped version of the Play “Funny Money”. Key characters in this movie include Perkins Henry, Perkins Jane, Johnson Vic and Johnson Betty among others. The movie provides significant information on why individuals need to safeguard moral values irrespective of the circumstances or temptations. In addition, we also learn of the prevalence and activities of rogue police officers in the society.

Description of the Funny Money Event

In this film, Perkins Henry, a middle-aged man is on a journey to Fulham where he is looking forward to have his birthday dinner with his family and friends. While Henry Perkins is on the tube train, he mistakenly picks up someone’s briefcase without realizing it. Instead of doing the necessary in terms of returning the briefcase to its owner, he gets a long with this briefcase to Fulham Broadway. Upon opening it, he surprisingly finds £735,000 in the briefcase. He decides to go into one of the pubs and then to the gents purposely to count the money. However, a police officer in plain clothes who was also at the pub sees something sinister in Henry Perkins and decides to follow him keenly.

As Henry prepares to go to a far place to avoid being arrested, he is approached by Davenport, an officer who has been trailing him from Fulham Broadway. A series of events ensues and Davenport appears to be a corrupt officer who demands to be given part of “the loot”. In fact, he offers to act as their bodyguard while Henry and his friends are fleeing to Barcelona. However, Henry, his wife and friends do not to get final destination as the briefcase owner who wants to shoot them confronts them. This forces them to confess their under dealings to Slater, another police officer who had arrived at the scene.

This information contradicted with my anticipation since I expected Mr. Davenport to follow the due process of the law and subject Henry to legal mechanisms for further investigations.

Important information from this presentation

Among the most significant message derived from this presentation is that there are rogue police officers who can go to the length of obstructing justice for their own interests. Despite Mr. Davenport understanding the intricacies involved in Perkin’s possession, he does not use justice to bring him to book. Instead, he works out a plan on how he can acquire some of the money. Further, we also get a message that a compromise in moral values may land one into intricacies, which he may not be able to get out with ease. This is depicted when Henry and his group are forced to confess their wrongs to another police officer. This further shows that truth can set us free since, if Henry and his group had not disclosed the truth, their situation could have been worse.

The presenter was effective in the sense that he always created suspense on what would transpire for the next scene. This leaves viewers with eagerness and desire to watch the next scene. The strategy proved to be effective in putting the message across.

I will promote this presentation to my fellow students by explaining to them, the core concepts in the movie and their relevancy to their lives and schooling.


The information in this presentation is important for two reasons; first, it enlightens us on the prevalence of rogue officers in our societies. Second, we also get to learn the necessity of upholding the right moral values and to avoid temptation to do wrong. If this information is not put into use then one may not only find himself in the wrong side of the law, but also in unwarranted intricacies. No matter what length one can go, he or she cannot hide immorality.


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