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Movie Reveiw on Inception

Updated on September 7, 2010

Totems to keep you in the right reality

Spinning Tops and Loaded Dice and what will be your totem that grounds you in reality when you wake from your dreams. Such fine detail lets the dreamers know what a dream is and what is reality in this summer science fiction movie Inception.

Layer upon layer is the dream world and each layer is nothing more than split seconds in the higher reality but many hours in the lower one. Just as it is theorized that most of your dream, what seems like hours could only be the last few moments before you wake. However, what if you are dreaming in a dream or not, or maybe a dream within a dream?

If you could have a dream within a dream, how far could this chain go and what would it do to your perception of reality and this is what is explored in the movie Inception.

The concept is not new in science fiction. We can see similar strands of thought in an 80’s sci-fi where Dennis Quaid plays Alex Garner, a gambler and a psychic in a movie call Dreamscape where Psychics can enter dreams and help people overcome the nightmares that are hunting them, and his challenge is to prevent a psychotic psychic from killing the President of the United States in his sleep since according to the story line of Dreamscape if a person suffers the Trauma of dying in their dream than this could cause them to die in reality.

Another similar movie is the Matrix where Keanu Reeves plays a character that is called Neo who is a computer hacker, and Neo awakes to a cold reality that he and the bulk of the human race has been hooked up into a huge computer since mankind is the source to run a mechanical planet. In matrix the people that woke up to this reality can re-enter the computer mainframe and wage a war again the machines.

A third concept is similar to Star Trek the Next Generation television series where there was an episode call Ship in a Bottle. In this episode there was a character in the Holodeck which was Dr. Moriarty of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story of Sherlock Holmes. He was created by Data in a Holodeck in a previous episode and he gained conscience. In this episode however he wanted to leave the Holodeck so he gained control of the ship by hijacking the computer system from the Holodeck and demanding that the crew design a way to take him out of the Holodeck where he would be able to exist outside of the Holodeck. The solution of the crew to take back the ship was to create a Holodeck within a Holodeck and give him an illusion that he actually left the the Holodeck on his own ship to explore the galaxy.

This movie Inception has many of these concepts, except instead of a computer it is the mind in a dream state. Instead of people dying if they die in their sleep they just wake up, or do they? The complexity of the movie definitely has dreams within dreams. Although it has similar strands it is complete an original.

As a Science Fiction fan I would definitely rate this as one of my favorite movies. I do not want to talk much about the movie but if you were disappointed in DiCaprio’s last movie Shutter Island because it did not live up to your expectations I do believe that Inception blows Shutter Island out of the water.

This is a masterpiece work by writer and director Christopher Nolan, where Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio) leads a team of dreamers hired by Saito (Ken Wanatabe) to infiltrate the mind of a corporate energy giant to implant an idea that would change the world. In this Sci-fi story there is a concept of subconscious security to protect the mind from being infiltrated and the possibility of someone stealing the secrets that are held deep inside. Oh, if it was only true all the military intelligence forces of the world would be kicking down doors to get these skills. One of the trailers from the movie said “Your mind is the scene of the crime” and after watch I would agree.

It is not that easy, there has to be a team of people to pull of the theft from the mind or in this case the inception of the idea. There has to be an architect that sets the background for the dream. The Extractor that is going to retrieve the information from the victim, the point man that monitors and makes sure that the team can wake up in the end by giving them what is called a “kick”, a sharp jolt with gravity pulling down on them. There has to be a Forger that makes the victim believe that the dream is a reality.

There are several twists to this story, and there is a unique character that I dare not speak of that can mess up the dream because once the person becomes aware that they are still in the dream then the dream shatters and falls apart.

So go to the movie and watch the dream but don’t miss the kick or you might have some problems later. Inception is absolutely one of the best Science fiction movies ever. Check out the trailer for yourself, and then go to the movie and don’t miss out.





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    • RabbiDanyiel profile image

      RabbiDanyiel 7 years ago

      It is my understanding that there needs to be kicks at each level so that they can go out at each level and this leaves the mark(the victim) thinking that the idea was generated in his own mind. If the kick happens and they ride the kick the whole way then the inception might not take root the way that they desire it to take root.

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Why did there have to be kicks at every level, wouldn't the top kick have awoke them all?

      Keep on hubbing!


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