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Movie Review: "Antiviral" is a mind blowing movie

Updated on August 8, 2013


Let me start out by saying this movie really surprised me. "Antiviral" is a Canadian made movie directed by Brandon Cronenberg and produced by Niv Fichman. The movie is about a company called Lucas Clinic which takes viruses from celebrities and sells them to crazy fans. The inject the fans with the virus so they can fell close to the celebrity.

Syd March played by Caleb Landry Jones works for the Lucas Clinic but he has a secret. He has been stealing viruses and selling them on the black market. One day he meets his obsession and makes a error by taking her virus. Caleb did a A+ job in this movie. To me he made the movie. You believed in his pain, in his sickness. Syd is the focus of the movie and is roughly in ever scene, so having an actor be able to deliver like Caleb did is a plus for the director and producer.

The rest of the cast was okay. Sarah Gadon plays Syd's obsession Hannah Geist. You do get that much out of her but she does have that pretty face that makes her nice to look at. The great Malcolm McDowell plays Dr. Abendorth Hannah's personal doctor. He also a limited part but McDowell is great and scores in his limited time on screen. Other Actors with small but effective parts are Douglas Smith, Joe Pingue, Nicholas Campbell and James Cade.

This movie really freaked me out sometimes. The reason why is because I know their is some people out there who would do these things to be close to a famous person. We watch everything a so called celebrity does just so we can feel like we somehow connected with them. The movie will not be for everyone and some people might even say it is bad real bad. I am not one of those people. I give this movie 7 out of 10 stars. I could easily watch this movie again and would tell everyone to give it a try and watch it.

Antiviral Trailer


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    • Ryem profile image

      Ryem 4 years ago from Maryland

      This movie seems really creepy, but it's intriguing at the same time. I think I'll add it to my list of things to look for.

    • moviesreviews profile image

      Billy Taylor 4 years ago from NY

      Yea I plan on getting netflix next month so I will take a peak at it.

    • Drunken gator profile image

      Drunken gator 4 years ago

      Movie will not be for everyone that is for sure. I did like it. I think Syd did it for me, I believe in him. I felt his pain through out the movie. It is on Netflix so if you have it I would give it a shot.

    • moviesreviews profile image

      Billy Taylor 4 years ago from NY

      Interesting concept for a film. Not sure I would watch it based on the movie concept. You wrote an interesting review and you seem like you were blown away by it. I might have to check it out.