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Movie Review: Battleship Potemkin

Updated on March 6, 2013

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The movie is first and foremost known for montage.The scenes appear to flow into one another.

The contrast from light to dark, especially when the crew is sleeping under the deck, is outstanding.

The music was very dependent on the mood of the scene.As the music picked up and became louder, the action became more intense.For example, when the man is killed on the ship the music picks up and all the men unite to fight.At the man’s funeral, another sense of unity was shown by the community when people of all classes attended.There were women dressed in vales and gloves implying that they were high-class and there were also women shown in raggedy dresses showing their lack of money.

However, the reactions of the characters seemed to be embellished to make up for the nonexistent audio dialogue.This created a gap in the connection between me and the characters.When the child is shot by the soldiers, he tries to lift himself and then suddenly collapses dramatically to his death.I thought this was somewhat unrealistic, but the director was probably trying to leave an image in the viewers mind.However, I think that was accomplished when a close-up of the boy’s arm being snapped in half after getting trampled was shown.

I found myself lost for much of the movie because I was trying to acknowledge the beautiful atmosphere created while also trying to follow the plot.I think a background to this movie would be helpful in order to follow what was going on.

The only time I really understood the significance of anything occurring was when the mother was shot dead on the steps as she tried to confront the soldiers with a baby in a baby carriage.The baby carriage teetered back and forth on the step as I watched in anticipation.I did not think that the baby carriage would fall and gain momentum down the stairs, but sure enough the carriage did exactly that.I was shocked that this would be shown, especially in a movie made in an age like the 1920’s.


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