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Movie Review - Blitz (2011)

Updated on January 4, 2012


Starring Jason Statham As Detective Brant

Jason Statham stars as Detective Sergeant Tom Brant who is a police officer unlike the every day cop patrolling the streets. Due to his unorthodox style of criminal apprehension and arrests, he's had to face questions about his abilities as a police officer by failing to abide by the code of conduct of those in his field. If you're hoping to see something similar to his other more popular movies such as Crank or The Transporter, this is slightly different. Unlike the usual films starring Statham which are focused more on hardcore action or crime, the movie follows a Crime/Thriller genre. Just like most of his other movies, Statham has an aggressive and rogue behaviour about him which is always great to see.

The movie focuses on a serial killer who is out to hunt and kill police officers, while also seeking media publicity through his interaction with a news reporter, Dunlop, whereby the killer informs Dunlop of his intentions to kill a number of police officers while keeping him updated throughout the killings. Although Detective Brant, played by Jason Statham, is seen as a dangerous police officer as reported by the press, those heading the local precinct have assigned Detective Brant to the case to track down the killer. Throughout his investigations, Brant learns that the key suspect in the case is one who he assaulted & apprehended while making a past arrest, leading him to feel that the case has become one of a more personal nature. This is further influenced by the fact that the victims of the serial killer were colleagues and close friends within his police department. Brant is forced to take the matter into his own hands in pursuing the serial killer, and with the assistance of officer Nash, Brant doesn't stop until he has brought the killer to justice - even if that means his own style of justice. The movie concludes as you would expect, with Statham coming out as the victor and having the final say in the matter.

Overall, it's not a bad movie. I'll rate it as a 7/10. Personally, I was expecting something with a little bit more action to it, although it was an enjoyable experience seeing Statham play the role of a police officer in a Thriller, as opposed to the typical action movies full of guns, drugs, explosion & adrenaline packed scenes. I would recommend watching the movie, however, don't be expecting as much hype and action as you would in movies such as Crank or The Mechanic.


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