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Movie Review: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Updated on December 2, 2012
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Stuart has spent three years trying to convince his boyfriend he is not hiding books under their bed and they are certainly not multiplying.

2 stars for Breaking Dawn, Part 2
Kristen Stewart portrays protagonist Bella Swan
Kristen Stewart portrays protagonist Bella Swan | Source

While I spent months mourning the end of the Harry Potter franchise, I do not think I could be any happier Breaking Dawn, Part Two serves as the last Twilight movie I'm forced to endure, like ever. Solely based on the fact it is the last movie in this record breaking series I may have been inclined to give it a somewhat decent rating and finally forgive the cast and crew for the 608 minutes they stole from me but, in typically fashion, the movie was so painfully bad it was uncomfortable to watch. I cannot imagine this was the movie Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner want to be remembered for making years from now, that is if anyone remembers who Lautner is in ten years.

We pick up directly when the last movie left off and, praise the vampire gods, Bella (Stewart) is finally vampire and can stop ping-ponging between Edward (Pattinson) and Jacob (Lautner). Edward and Bella have their daughter Renesmee and are happily moving into marital bliss in a small conveniently built cottage in the middle of ancient forests of Forks, Washington when they are accused of making an immortal child. Bella, Edward, Jacob and the rest of the Cullen family make a decision to spread the word to prove the Volturi (Sheen, Campbell Bower and Heyerdahl) charge is an untruth, to avoid being executed for the crime. This movie had the potential to be one of the more interesting of the series but instead, we were treated to PG-13 sex scenes, homoerotic stripteases and a bunch of unnecessary filler that, it becomes increasingly clear this movie could've been a mere forty minutes if stripped of the bells and whistles.

This movie cannot even be singled out as the worst of the bunch but I have no qualms about labelling it the most boring of the series. While, to their credit, the movies have only improved with each instalment it should be pointed out TwiHards would seem content to simply watch Pattinson and Stewart stare at each other longingly for 110 minutes, while Lautner yanks off his shirt for the last seven.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Trailer

Previous Twilight Movies

The Stories Progression from the Beginning

The first Twilight movie was simply a mess of hues, wayward looks and had the uncanny resemblance to a low-budget vampire love story set within the four walls of high school. Stewart and Pattinson seemed to flounder due to the poor direction from Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Red Riding Hood), a fact which is a shame considering the talent of both these young actors. I cannot imagine anyone over the age of twelve watching this movie and come out of feeling fulfilled in the storytelling or drawing an emotional connection with any of the characters.

New Moon and Eclipse are marginally better with an obvious increase in financial backing but they are built on the belief the audience cares whether Bella chooses between Edward or Jacob- a choice which is obvious the entirety of both movies. Bella spends the better half of New Moon in some depressed state when Edward leaves, seemingly unable to continue living her life before resorting to cliff-diving in a storm. Eclipse pits Jacob and Edward against each other as they are forced to protect Bella from vampire Victoria who is hellbent on killing her, making her even with the Cullen's for their murder of her mate Jacob, in the first film.

Though there are many who disagree with me, I found Breaking Dawn, Part One the most well-acted movies of the franchise. I found the story to be the most complex of the five movies, focusing solely on the Bella's decision to give birth to her daughter no matter the risk to her life and ultimate transition to vampire. While it would seem Bill Condon directed the first one well enough and was able to draw strong performances even from the likes of Lautner, who seems uncomfortable acting in any scenario, decided in the second instalment he would simply do whatever the hell he liked. Which would explain the campiness of the formidable Volturi whom seemed more like haphazardly put together drag queens rather than the evil they are represented as within the pages of the books.

The cast of Twilight at the MTV Movie Awards
The cast of Twilight at the MTV Movie Awards | Source

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The Acting from Our Leads

There is something uniquely sad when you can pinpoint a character an actor will be remembered for throughout their career and unfortunately, both, Stewart and Pattinson will be traced back to this series for the rest of their lives. While it can be thanked for making them household names and the freedom to pick and choose which projects they want to make, it also serves as a showcase to some of the worst acting in their careers to date.

Breaking Dawn, Part Two is one of the most of the boring movies to watch in the series, simply due to the fact it seems to the actors simply showed up to the first day of shooting because they were under contract. Stewart managed in five movies to shed the saccharinely sweet nature of her character and create, at the very least, two dimensions to her one dimensional heroine but her performance lacks emotion in this final instalment. It would seem Stewart is content with simply being beautiful in this final chapter, forgoing the crippling emotion she delivered in Breaking Dawn, Part One.

Pattinson seems content in this instalment playing Edward as he is written; boring and gives a completely one-note performance in Breaking Dawn, Part Two. And Lautner just seems happy to remove his shirt, yet again, for the audience of lovesick teenage girls and their mothers. His delivery of every one of his lines causes one to wonder if his poor delivery is due to having to read them off a teleprompter off-screen.

If you're desperate to see Breaking Dawn, Part Two I would suggest simply pulling out your copy of Breaking Dawn, inviting your friends over and take turns reading passages from the book. At least then you'd be guaranteed a good time and a few laughs.


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    • profile image

      RichBest 4 years ago

      Well, interesting hub. While some of what you said seem true, the strange thing is I enjoyed this final installment to the Twilight series. Odd enough, but maybe it's just me. :p

    • hisandhers profile image

      hisandhers 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      I'd have to disagree with you on the point that Kristen Stewart could ever be considered a good actress (and now that I've typed that I'm sure a giant angry mob will charge at any moment) but at the moment it doesn't seem she has the freedom to do any other movie, although I can't decide if that's because she's having trouble distancing herself from Bella Swan or if it's more to do with the bad life choices she's apparently made recently.

      Robert Pattinson, at the very least, seems to be seeking out smaller roles in more independent features in order to be taken seriously. Personally, I'd rather just watch him in Harry Potter again and forget he was ever in Twilight. Like, ever.

    • janikon profile image

      Stuart A Jeffery 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      @Lauren Hartman you bring the beans!

    • lilyfly profile image

      Lillian K. Staats 5 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

      Ha! Your on! love yaz, lily

    • Lauren Hartman profile image

      Lauren Hartman 5 years ago

      How about some Barty's every flavor beans??

    • janikon profile image

      Stuart A Jeffery 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      @lilyfly I'm totally down for hot buttered rums.

      I find it hard to believe a girl who can barely string together a sentence can evoke such emotion in so many people, but I'm more on team Riley.

      After our hot buttered rums we should watch Harry Potter, I'll bring the snacks.

    • lilyfly profile image

      Lillian K. Staats 5 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

      Hi Sweetie! Odd, I watched Eclipse last night, because I can read my Potter movies verbatim.

      Whatever could the writer of the series be thinking? I mean, if I had one hot guy on me, I'd be thrilled, but not only that, Bella gets two buff boys, AND an entire army of newborns after her!!!

      I liked the fact that the heroine of the story was born on Sept. 13th, like me, and that sukked (not a typo) me into the series.

      What has Bella got? A platinum Vagina? Can she blow musical show tunes out of her *ss? No.

      So, Janikon, I'm with you. Who bloody cares about some monosylabic

      heroine, who does nothing of any worth, and this bizarre desire everyone feels for her.

      The hell with the movie, Janny, let's go out for hot buttered rums. I'm buying!

      Love yaz, kiddo... lily