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Movie Review - Burlesque

Updated on March 7, 2011

Obviously a movie titled Burlesque is about burlesque dancing. And there is a lot of that going on in this film. But even if you are not a fan of Burlesque this movie is interesting. It is the acting debut of Christina Aquilera, whose voice is right at home in this film. And then there is the other diva of pop, Cher, who also sings a number or two. The songs and the dancing are amazing, and so are the costumes. If you like musicals or musical films like Chicago, you will love this 2010 film. Burlesque is directed by Steve Antin, who formerly directed music videos. A lot of critics were somewhat negative about his style of filming, but it never bothered me, and I think he did well for a film debut.

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In Burlesque the story revolves around Ali (Christina Aguilera), a smalltown girl with big dreams. She moves to LA to find a job as a dancer, but all she can get is a job as a waitress in a Burlesque club. She meets Jack, played by Cam Gigandet, the bartender, and moves in with him. She starts to develop feelings for Jack, but he has a fiancée. The Burlesque club is struggling and Tess (played by Cher), is doing everything she can to stay afloat. Ali tries to convince Tess to let her dance, but Tess is not convinced. But when she finally agrees, things really start happening for Ali. The star of the burlesque club, Nikki (played by Kristen Bell) immediately dislikes Ali, and tries to do everything to get rid of her. One day, when Ali dances Nikki’s part, Nikki unplugs the sound system. But Ali starts singing and saves the night. Everyone is impressed, and not the least Marcus Gerber, played by Eric Dane, who is trying to buy the Burlesque Lounge.

Christina Aguilera is an amazing singer, even if you do not like her music you cannot deny this, and a good dancer too. Her acting needs a little work though. You can see she is trying, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Cher is a better actress, and also a great singer, but she doesn’t have a lot of different facial expressions due to a lot of botox. Stanley Tucci plays Chers gay best friend Sean. A role he plays very well, as we’ve seen him do it before in The Devil Wears Prada. He is a great actor and was one of my favorite characters in the Burlesque movie. Kristen Bell plays the spoiled and bratty Nikki, but I don’t really think she pulls it off. She is just too petite, cute and delicate to play the mean girl. Jack is played by Cam Gigandet, who has his ups and downs throughout the film. I do like him though, and the chemistry between Ali and Jack is palpable. Eric Dane plays the mean and ruthless business man Marcus Gerber, a role that fits him, but his character is exactly the same as what we see him do on Grey’s Anatomy.

The film is very predictable and you know how it is going to end after the first 15 minutes. But that does not spoil the movie at all. It is all about the music and the dancing. The Burlesque club is a great set, and the costumes, songs and performances are great. There are up-tempo songs, a few ballads, and a few very sexy songs. My favorites were the ballad Bound To Me by Christina Aguilera, the ballad You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me by Cher, and the final sexy song Show Me How You Burlesque. The dancers and their outfits are sexy and feminine. Aguilera carries the singing and dancing in this film and her voice is made for Burlesque.

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    • profile image

      Bluegreen Kirk 6 years ago

      Never actually saw this movie but I may check it out. I heard it was okay and my wife wants to see it so Ill give it a try.

    • Mieka profile image

      Mieka 6 years ago

      I liked Cher in this film too, but I thought her face did not change throughout the entire thing. She still did good, so I guess that means she is talented :)

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I thought Cher was pretty good in this movie....good review on a OK movie in my opinion....voted up

    • revybaby profile image

      revybaby 6 years ago from On the Road

      My husband and I loved this film! I totally agree with you.