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Movie Review: Deadly Crossing

Updated on May 14, 2013

I went by the local Redbox kiosk and picked up a few movies to watch. One of the movies I picked up was Deadly Crossing starring Steven Seagal. I did not know till later that this movie is actually the first two episodes of True Justice edited as a movie.

I did not care for the movie that much. It is about Elijah Kane played by Seagal and his group of cops that make up a special task force that hunt down the worst of worst criminals in Seattle. In this movie the are looking into the murder of some Chinese store owners and get caught up in a Russian drug mess. Like Seagal always does, he kicks everyone's butt.

Besides Seagal the movie has Meghan Ory who knows stars as Red Riding Hood in ABC's Once Upon a Time. Warren Christie is also in this movie he starred in Alphas for two seasons.

The acting wasn't that great and story line could have been better but being a Seagal fan I had to watch it and will watch the next one also. I would give this movie four stars out of 10. It is worth the watch for fans of Seagal but don't except that much from it. You can tell the age of Seagal as his moves are slow but still get the job done.

With Hotties Meghan Ory and Sarah Lind the show does give you some eye candy to stare at. I just think the writing team could have done a better job with script. I know it was made for television but some scenes just lacked the punch you are expecting or the shot deserves.


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