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Movie Review – Everest 3D

Updated on October 7, 2015

I have been thinking for a while now if to write about this movie or not. Unfortunately lately all I have been doing was to write movie reviews because since I have started working I barely find time to do anything, and I am only taking a breath of air during the weekend, usually on Sunday, and go to the cinema to watch a movie, or just take a walk through the park, but I am sure nobody would be interested to read about my walk :)

Anyway, the idea is not that I don't want to write movie reviews because I have found that I like doing this, especially that I am quite passionate about movies and when I like or dislike a movie I am very expressive about it, and maybe what I say will help someone decide whether to see a movie or not, but that I would like to write about many more other things.

The Plot

So let's get back to the movie and tell you how things went down. There is a company that organizes trips on Mount Everest for people who can pay the fee to do so. The fee includes training, gear and anything else a climber might need to complete this task. There are a lot of everyday people who sign up to do this, beats me why, and a few companies who offer to get them up there.

Remember that the movie is based on a true story and in the end I will tell you why I haven't liked this movie based on the fact that things actually went down as the movie portrays them.

More teams happen to choose exactly the same day to reach the top of the mountain, which leads to a few problems and so they try to take turns into getting there. A few team-up and decide to go together, but a storm changes their plans and they have to wait for things to calm down, or abort the mission if the weather doesn't change.

During the night the storm goes away and the leader decides to go while things are calm. The problems occur only when one of the members, Doug, can't climb anymore and tries to catch his breath for a while before starting to walk again. He takes too long and catches the group as they are coming down the mountain's summit and even if the leader insists to go with them, this guy wants to reach the top knowing that this is his last chance to do so. The leader, Rob, finally breaks and decides to take him there, but on the way down Doug becomes too tired from his lack of oxygen and bad health condition and slows Rob down. Rob tells Doug to stay put while he is trying to reach Helen from the tents to send someone up for them with more oxygen, but Doug gets up and follows him and due to wind and bad health he falls down to his death.

And this is where death starts spreading around like a bad disease. A miracle happens when Beck, one of the “tourists” survives, despite all odds, but besides that they start falling like flies. And, this is why I personally don't like true, sad stories: because you can't change the outcome. When it is just a fiction story written by someone even if the hero dies you know it is just a movie, but when it is after true events, when someone dies you know that person really died in real life, no story there.

To See Or Not To See

The movie is quite good, despite the events that take place, the drama of Rob dying, and the questions that rise here and there, like, if there were only two people and one of them was not looking while something happened to the other one, how would they know what really happened? Like when that guy takes off his clothes and falls off the mountain, how would anyone know this is what really happened when the other person that was up there with him was asleep, or unconscious.

Anyway, I saw the movie in 3D and it had some good 3D elements here and there. Of course there could have been more, there always can be more, but I guess we just have to be happy with what we get. The movie offered a lot of opportunities to create many 3D effects, but it only stuck to a few.

You should see the movie, it is a good movie, but you do have to remember that this is a drama relating true events, so you won't like how things happen in the story. Besides that, you can have a look at what it means to climb a mountain and reach for its summit, the dangers and hard moments that you come across when engaging to this type of activity. I would personally never climb a mountain, maybe because I like hot weather not cold, but also because I don't see the point of freezing to death and challenging your body like that, plus spending a lot of money, for something that so many others did it, so you can't say you are doing it because you will go down in history as one of the few. But that's just me.


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    • florypaula profile image

      Paula 2 years ago

      Thank you Madan. I appreciate you reading and commenting and I am happy that you liked my review. It is more like a documentary, and although it was nicely presented the end is still the same and made me leave the cinema sad. But I guess that's life right?

      Thank you for visiting.

      Have a nice day.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      I saw the movie

      Its nice but more like a documentary. I liked your review, which was well written.