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Movie Review: FAST AND FURIOUS 5 [m]

Updated on June 5, 2011

STARRING: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris and Jordana Brewster

Now renowned method actors and serious thespians, God knows how Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were able to drag themselves away from their various West End plays, Broadway musicals and Shakespearean productions to reprise their roles in this muscle-car movie franchise. But back they are, inspiring petrol-heads all over the world to drag race at traffic lights. On the run and outgunned in Backwater Brazil our cue ball roid head and his pretty boy partner are running out of options to escape the clutches of both a big time drug boss and a gnarly FBI agent. Their master plan? Assemble an elite foot of leadfoots! (Nope didn't make sense to me either.) Not sure what i lost more of, demerit points or brain cells, but the car porn will make you drool, as will Jordana Brewster's glistening cleavage. This is a good old fashioned mans movie, the kind you don't even ask your partner to go see with you. You just leave one night and return home a couple of hours later without saying a word to each other cause she knows exactly what you have been up to. Seriously, do not be embarrassed to go see this movie, yer sure the plot line hasn't changed much in 8 years and yer the acting isn't great but god dammit it is so cool to see guys flinging cars around like they are playing xbox! Not to even begin to mention the fact that over the years these movie have become less about the whole underground world of street racing and more about blowing stuff up and shooting people with massive guns. Call me a redneck but i love that sought of shit. I certainly couldn't imagine anyone more suited to this role than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnston and Vin Diesel, Apart from both of their very brief careers in making Disney movies these two guys are the pinnacle of action superstars. Through in Paul Walker to lead ever skinny white guy (myself included) that he to can mix it with the big boys and you have got yourself a serious sweet movie that every self respecting male needs to go see!



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    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Excellent hub.....nice review....I have a hub that ranks all the movies that have been released in 2011....and sitting ontop of that list is Fast Five....voted up and useful.