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Movie Review - Fame

Updated on March 29, 2010

Fame is a movie- remake from the famous musical with the same name from the1980s. It follows a group of young, ambitious and creative teens. They are al trying to get into the prestigious New York High School of Performing Arts. After the auditions you follow several of them throughout school until graduation. All the usual teen dramas are present. Like first time love, loyalty to your friends, problems with the parents, the pressure of achieving high grades and performing well at the arts in school, and their quest to become reach eternal fame. In the mean time, you see how talented the kids are at dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and theatre. Several times they spontaneously burst out into song, or just start dancing away.

The singing and dancing sequences in the movie are great. The director managed to gather a very talented bunch of kids for his movie project. The rest of the film however is somewhat disappointing. Because there is so much time spent on showing just how talented they are, their personal stories do not get enough screen time. This could have probably been solved by following a smaller number of storylines closer. And I also felt the time they do get is not spent very well. They never get beyond the basics that you find in any high school, or high school movie. There is never time to go into any debt on backgrounds or true emotions. There’s just the couple falling in love, shown by them smiling at each other. A couple breaking up, followed by a girl cry. Or when a young directors dreams get crushed, he barely seems impressed, let alone sad or heart-broken.

The actress that I thought stood out was Naturi Naughton, who plays Denise in the film. She is a classical pianist, but throughout school she discovers some of her other talents and interests. She struggles as she has to choose between fame or her friends, and between doing what she loves or risking it all by telling her father the truth.

Another actress that I really loved was Kherington Payne, one of the dance students in the movie, but she barely gets any screen time. I think she would have done very well, if she would have been allowed to show a little more of herself.

If you love a good dance movie or a musical, this film is definitely for you. Because for the singing and dancing and performing scenes in the movie, they truly went all out. The dancing is amazing, and the singers are very talented. You can tell the kids are having a ball, and the fun in the arts their characters are supposed to display are genuine. But if you are all for a movie with a great storyline, this is probably not the one to watch.

Fame Trailer


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