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Movie Review - Flushed Away (2006 United States)

Updated on April 25, 2012

So close, and yet . . .

The voicing is wonderful, the story pays amusing homage to a number of films--notably the Bond movies, The African Queen and Metropolis —I love animation, and I like rats. So why did this film strike me as flat? I'd say it's because the visuals are just that: literally flat, and uninspired.

Our first look at Roddy the rat is intriguing: we see a pert, lively rat nose sniffing the air. Then we see the whole rat and it's a disappointment: in fact, we have an entire cast of rats who look like humans with tails. The slugs, however, are a stylized, charming Greek chorus and a touch of real creativity, but even they cannot save Flushed Away from feeling sanitized, over-thought-out, over-produced and oddly lifeless.

Decide for yourself if this is a good movie or not; watch it right now:

Watch the trailer:

Great animation vs. good animation

Possibly, I'm spoiled by inspired animation, such as Wallace and Gromit (by this same team), Tim Burton's animated work, the sewer-dweller episodes of Futurama or The Triplets of Belleville . Also, my perspective is that of an adult--I suspect children of a broad age range will love this movie. However, for adults, if you like rats and animation, then I'd recommend Ratatouille over this film since Ratatouille creates a much more visually interesting universe and also treats the animal characters more as just that--another species--rather than as human-shaped rats without any essence of rat. However, animated comedy is highly personal, so I suggest you watch this movie, then one of the pictures I've mentioned here, and decide for yourself.

Recommended, but with reservations. This one is a watch-it-and-decide-for-yourself picture.

Copyright © Roberta Lee 2012. All rights reserved.

(I am an artist and the author of the Suburban Sprawl series of novels as well as two nonfiction books. Find out more about my work at

Genre: Animation, Kids & Family, Comedy

Rated: PG – See Full Rating

Running Time: 1 hr. 24 min.

In Theaters: Nov 3, 2006

On DVD: Feb 20, 2007

Box Office:$64.5M


Directed By: David Bowers , Sam Fell

Written By: Ian La Frenais, Joe Keenan, William Davies


Hugh Jackman - Roddy

Kate Winslet - Rita

Ian McKellen - The Toad

Jean Reno - Le Frog

Bill Nighy - Whitey

Andy Serkis - Spike

Shane Richie - Sid

Here are few animated films that I like better than this one:

What do YOU think?

If you've seen Flushed Away, did you think it was:

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    • DIYmyOmy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Do you have an all time favorite animated film?


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