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Movie Review: Frozen (2010)

Updated on October 1, 2019
Tragedy is hours away as Parker (Emma Bell) Dan (Kevin Zegers) and Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) take the chairlift to the top of Mount Holliston for some skiing and snowboarding fun.
Tragedy is hours away as Parker (Emma Bell) Dan (Kevin Zegers) and Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) take the chairlift to the top of Mount Holliston for some skiing and snowboarding fun.

You know those movies, that even before you start to watch it, the main characters are already in peril? And by the ending you kind of sorta wish you hadn't invested the eighty or ninety minutes watching it?

This is exactly how Frozen is.

It starts off innocently enough when college students Dan (Kevin Zegers) and his best friend (Joe) Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) bring Dan's girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) to Mount Holliston on their usual Sunday skiing ritual. Lynch isn't happy with Parker being there, but, he tolerates it since it seems as though Dan has found true love.

As a novice snowboarder, Dan is eager to teach Parker, but Lynch wants to ski.

At the base of Mount Holliston, they wait for one of the employees "who likes Lynch" and every week the two boys manage to get up to the top of the mountain without having to pay the lift fee. Since the normal employee isn't there on this particular day, they send Parker to do their dirty work and she's able to charm lift operator Jason (Ed Ackerman) into letting them ride free.

Once atop the mountain, Dan helps Parker with her snowboarding and then they seem to spend much of the time in the lodge and Lynch meets Shannon (Rileah Vanderbilt) who's with her ex-boyfriend (Chris York) for the day.

Back at the base of the mountain, the three try to get Jason to let them back up for one more run as it's closing time. Reluctantly he agrees and the trio hop into the chair and head back up to the top.

Unbeknownst to them, a problem arises down below and Jason leaves his post. He tells his co-worker (Adam Johnson) that three kids are coming down from the top and after that he can leave.

Three kids do come back down and Rifkin shuts down the lift and leaves since a bad weather front is on its way into the region.

The three are now stranded in the chair and at first they think it's just a misunderstanding and they'll be down shortly, that is until the lights of the resort are turned off. No matter how loud they scream, no one hears them.

Still thinking that they'll get down within an hour, they see a plow coming through and try to get Cody's (Kane Hodder) attention by tossing things in his direction. A ski does hit the truck, but he doesn't know exactly what it was and continues on after being called back in.

They try to figure out how to get down from the lift and they still have hope as the storm begins to barrel down upon them.

Even though they still hold out hope for survival, they know that the resort won't be opening again until Friday and the question of how can we survive for the next week? becomes very real to them.

While it may seem like a boring movie (with the exception of the beginning) all of the action takes place on the chairlift and is very claustrophobic for the viewer since we're up there with the characters.

As in all thrillers, we can devise a plan in our own minds from our safety zone, but you can't wonder what if it were me? And having never been to a ski resort (or skiing for that matter) I've heard that the lifts often get stuck for a few minutes at a time.

This is a very edge of your seat movie and has many consequences that come with it for the characters and why this wasn't a blockbuster at the time, I can tell you that it should have been on the top of many critics "must see" lists.


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