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Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania 1 And 2

Updated on November 4, 2015

Hotel Transylvania Trailer 1

Hotel Transylvania


Hotel Transylvania

Over one hundred years ago, Dracula, his wife and their newborn baby girl lived happily in town with the humans. The humans decided that they did not want Dracula and his family in town, so they burnt his house down with his family in it. Luckily, he was able to get his daughter out, but his wife's fate was not so good.

Dracula vowed to never go near humans again. He wanted to protect his daughter and all the other monsters out there.

Dracula built a huge castle that he wanted to turn into a hotel for monsters. He built it as far from the humans as possible and built sneaky entrances that the humans couldn't find. This would be a safe place for monsters away from those evil Humans.

A real picture of Count Dracula's Castle!

A real picture of Dracula's Castle!
A real picture of Dracula's Castle! | Source

Hotel Transylvania: Preparing Mavis's The Birthday Party

Dracula was planning a huge Birthday party for his daughter, Mavis, for her 118th Birthday.

He invited all of his Monster friends. It was going to be a huge party!

While he was greeting all the Monsters into his hotel in preparation for Mavis's birthday party, a human (Johnny) walked in.

Dracula tried everything to get him to go away, but Johnny would not go away.

Dracula dressed him up as Frankensteins cousin and tried to keep him hidden from the guests.

Mavis spotted him and they instantly zinged! To zing is to find love at first sight.

Dracula was not happy about this. He tried to get rid of Johnny again, but he would not go away.

Johnny ended up bringing life to the party. Everybody loved him, even Mavis!

Dracula was not happy about this, but little by little Johnny was growing on him.

How Did Hotel Transylvania End?

If you want to watch the movie and have a surprise ending, stop reading now! Otherwise, you can find out how it ends here.

Everyone finds out that Johnny is not a Monster and they are very upset that Dracula would let a human in.

They wanted to get rid of Johhny, so they made him leave the hotel and told him to never come back.

Johnny sadly got on a plane and left. He missed Mavis and Mavis missed him. Dracula could see that his daughter was sad.

His wife had left a gift for Mavis to open on her 118th Birthday. In the note, it said that if you find your Zing, don't let it go because you only have one Zing in your lifetime.

Dracula thought about this and knew that he had messed up.

Dracula went after Johnny and brought him back to the hotel. All the Monsters decided that Johnny and the Humans were not so bad after all and were happy to see him again.

Dracula finally let his guard down and even liked Johnny. Johnny and Mavis lived happily ever after and even got to travel around the world at nighttime!

Hotel Transylvania Cast

Dracula - Adam Sandler

Mavis - Selena Gomez

Jonathan - Andy Samberg

Frankenstein - Kevin James

Wayne - Steve Buscemi

Griffin The Invisible - David Spade

Eunice - Fran Drescher

Hotel Transylvania DVD and Soundtrack

I loved the movie Hotel Transylvania and bought it the first week it came out.

I would definately recommend it as a great movie for the whole family to watch. My 3 and 5 year olds loved it!

The soundtrack was awesome! I especially loved the song 'Your My Zing'.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2

The funny and lovable characters are back at it again in Hotel Transylvania 2.

Dracula and the crew have let there guards down and are now letting humans stay at Hotel Transylvania.

Mavis and Jonathan are now happily married and living at Hotel Transylvania.

Dracula is so excited when he finds out he is going to be a Grandpa.

He starts to worry though when his Grandson, Dennis, does not develop fangs. Maybe he is more human than vampire?

Mavis wants to move to California with Jonathan and Dennis, but Drac will miss them, so he comes up with a plot.

Drac watches Dennis while Mavis and Jonathan head out to California to see if Mavis would like it there.

While they are gone, Drac tries everything to get Dennis's vampire side to come out.

If Dennis is more vampire than human, then they will have to stay at Hotel Transylvania.

Watch the movie to find out how it ends.

It will be worth it! Blah, blah, blah.

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    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana

      I love Hotel Transylvania too! When I ask my kids what they want to watch, I secretly hope that they will say Hotel Transylvania. (-:

    • Amber Vyn profile image

      Amber Vyn 4 years ago

      This is a great review, and I loved the movie. It is fun for kids and has enough for adults to make it interesting for the entire family!