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Killers Movie Review

Updated on August 8, 2011

STARRING: Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl & Tom Selleck


Single ladies take note; if your one of those sort of girls that enjoys nothing more than hanging out on on a saturday night, it's only a matter of days before your getting swept up off your feet by a duplicitous secret agent type and press ganged into state-sanctioned murder,cloak'n'dagger, light romance and slapstick routines. Come to think about it, this random action comedy (starring Grey's Anatomy's voluptuous blonde, Heigl, and everybody's favorite goofball hunk, Kutcher) could very well be the companion piece to Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz's latest big-budget blow-out, Knight and Day. The diff? Well for starters this one is actual half decent, whereas the latter sucked giant Scientological balls. The movie starts off with Heigl on holidays after been dumped from a long term relationship, meets the smarmy Kutcher and months later they tie the knot. However, no sooner has he hefted her across the threshold and said with a shit-eating grin, "You've just been punk'd!" than hubbie is exposed as a secret ex-government hitman and now the evil next-door assassins want to terminate them both. (Good to know I'm not the only one who's neighbours want to kill me.) Sadly, Demi Moore never enters the fray as a vengeful ex, but I'm going to award this movie extra points anyway for the resplendent return of Tom Selleck's stache. (Ssssh... but i think he dyes it now...). All in all i really enjoyed this movie it had a great mix of comedy and action. Ashton and Katherine worked really well together and their different acting styles complemented each-other really nicely. If you go into this movie with anything other than the expectation of a bit of fun you will be disappointed, so don't expect a gripping story line or intense action scenes throughout. I think Ashton has come along way as an actor since his early days of Dude, Where's My Car and Katherine has made the transition from TV to Cinema seamlessly, good movie, could have been better but not at all a waste of money.



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