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What's So Special About La La Land

Updated on March 5, 2017


Warning: Spoilers ahead

La La Land is a romantic comedy-drama musical film directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as the main characters, Mia and Sebastian.

As the title of the movie indicates, the events of the movie take place in Los Angeles, California. Mia is an aspiring actress who, along with going to audition after audition, works at a coffee shop to make a living, while sharing an apartment with three other girls. Sebastian is a jazz pianist, who dreams of owning his own jazz bar where he could play the jazz music he so passionately loves.

Long story short, the two characters meet each other and eventually fall in love. While in this relationship, Mia spends most of her time writing a one-woman show script that she wants to bring to life and Sebastian joins a band -a quite succesful one- so as to save up as much money as possible to finally open up his own jazz place. Ultimately, Mia's one-woman show doesn't give her the recognition she was hoping for, while Sebastian realises that being a member of a band and not playing the music he wants to play is not something that makes him feel fullfilled. After having lost all hope, Mia is called in to audition for a movie whose fliming is to take place in France and she ends up getting the part.

The Translation

The creators of this movie did not just want to narrate a cliched story of two people falling in love to their viewers and that's not what the movie is actually about. In the long run, it is really about passion and dreams and how much one has to try to achieve those. Yes, things won't always be the way we want them to and even if we've given up, love will give us a tiny bit of hope still. This movie teaches us that if we try to the best of our ability we will ultimately get to the point we're trying to get. And doing so, will require patience, strength and sacrifice, even if that sacrifice is love.

The acting is absolutely beautiful, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling redirecting every human feeling in existence to the audience through their dance, their music and their singing and every scene being very deliberately created. This movie definitely deserves every single award and nomination it has recieved.


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