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Movie Review- 'Long Pigs' (2007)

Updated on September 11, 2017
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Vanessa is a movie buff. She has seen mountains of movies, preferring horror, disaster, or apocalyptically themed plotlines.


What's it About?

A script flashes up to at the beginning of this film to explain that this is a documentary about some filmmakers who have been given permission to do a story about a self-confessed cannibal. This movie comes with a massive warning about the graphic violence before the camera zooms in on a man in a white lab coat talking about a corpse in front of him as if it were an animal who had just been killed by a hunter.

This is a story about Anthony and his life. It begins with Anthony and the two film-makers driving around applying the fat content of prostitutes, according to how they will complement the dish he is making.

The cannibal loves his mother, just like any child does. He calls her and checks on her. He plays sports with a group of friends and he works as a valet.

It all seems rather trivial. The cannibal makes all the events within the first few scenes, seem as benign as eating a bowl of cereal in the morning.
The film keeps within the documentary style by crossing over from time to time to police and affiliates investigating the disappearance of local prostitutes while describing the psychological attributes of a sexual deviant killer. For a start, he's a cannibal so they are on the wrong track.

Will the police ever find out who is killing the locals and will the filmmakers get to release their movie?

Quick Film Info

Title: Long Pigs.

Release Date: September 2007.

Written and Directed: Chris Power and Nathan Hynes.

Genre: Horror - Found footage-ish, a mockumentary.

Budget: $250 000.

Long Pigs - Trailer

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The Writers.

Chris Power and Nathan Hynes both wrote and directed this film.

  • Chris Power has written a few other things, though nothing mainstream. The bulk of his career is in editing. He can be credited with being an assistant art director for the TV series Monk (2002.)
  • Nathan Hynes and Chris Power both appear in this mockumentary towards the end and are given 'what happened to them after the movie' information beneath their image - the same as you would see on a TV show.

I love animals, if it lives and breathes, I want to eat it.

— Anthony McAlister
Anothony McAllister - his eyes in this movie - when looking into the camera made me want to look away.
Anothony McAllister - his eyes in this movie - when looking into the camera made me want to look away. | Source

Who's in it Worth Mentioning?

Vik Sahay plays Dr. Hooshangi.

He doesn't have a big part.

I guess you could call this guy their big star. He is among a long list of actors with no history and has a lengthy one prior to when this was made, having been on TV and small movies roles since around 1979. After this movie, he went on to do things like Amal (2007,) and TV series such as Bones (2013,) The Mentalist (2013,) The X-Files (2016,) Lucifer (2016,) Grimm (2017,) and Preacher (2017.)

If it was wrong to eat it - why would it taste so good.

— Anthony McAlister

Anthony Alviano plays Anthony McAlister - here he talks about the making of the movie.

My Thoughts on the Film.

User reviews on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes are what made me watch this film. People thought it was great. They loved the simplicity of the film itself - there are no big visual special effects. They loved the hidden monster in the character of Anthony in that he is the seemingly normal guy next door who plays hockey with his mates and works as a valet.

This film started to gross me out not too long into the movie. I heard my fiance coming towards the lounge and I flicked the movie back to the free to air TV and thought maybe it best I watch it later by myself. He likes horror but the opening scenes are very disturbing, to say the least, plus I didn't much feel like starting it over.

I thought whoa, this is going to be "one of those" movies that go above and beyond the normal spectrum of acceptable movie behavior and immediately threw it in the basket alongside The Human Centipede (2009). Now there's a movie that made me gag and I felt was so horrid in the premise of its plot that I needed to watch it in chunks and not all at once.

There are plenty of scenes where it's all very mundane. like you are watching a movie about someone who goes to work, plays sport, cooks a BBQ for his mates and visits his aging mother in the home she is in, but every so often Anthony takes or brings someone from the street and kills them downstairs in the basement of his house.

It's unnerving, his eyes looking into the camera are deceivingly telling - like you can see him thinking things over. The character development described by his actions towards his friend and towards the filmmakers shows an intelligence of sorts - Anthony comes across as someone who can manipulate a situation to suit himself at any cost.

If it weren't for seeing this movie come up in a 'people who viewed this also viewed' section on the internet and then seeing the reviews for it - I certainly wouldn't have watched it of my own accord.

I hated it and I liked it at the same time if that is possible. I wish the writers had gone on and done other things as it's rare to see a movie that is horror related and so much about the character that at times you forget it's a horror mockumentary. I have seen it subclassified as a comedy horror - comedy it is not.

Some said it had a predictable ending - in fact, it did - it was my least favorite part of the film apart from the opening scenes. The opening scenes aren't bad but they are terribly gross. I even put my hand up in front of my face to block a section of the screen out. You'll know what I'm talking about if you watch it.

I give 'Long Pigs' 3 hearty stews out of 5.

Fun Fact

Long Pigs had limited DVD's included as part of its release that included edible jerky.

Originally it was screened only at select theatres in 2007.

© 2017 Mother of Movies and Series Reviews


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    • NessMovieReviews profile image

      Mother of Movies and Series Reviews 4 months ago from Moreton Bay, Queensland

      Hmmmm Dale, in what context are you using the phrase?? Nervous haha.

      This movie was definitely one that stayed with me. Do watch it.

      Sorry for the delay in response, I mustve missed this comment somehow.

    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 4 months ago from The High Seas

      First let me say that I love the title of this move. Long Pig is a phrase my wife has heard me use over the years and, now that I can show her this article, she can finally stop thinking that I am the only person that uses this phrase. Now on to the review itself. You mention that you haven't seen Man Bites Dog. Seen it. Own it. Was bored by it to be honest so don't think you are missing anything great. I like the idea of this Long Pigs movie that you are reviewing and will keep an eye out for it. Never even heard of this movie before so I enjoy that you keep exposing us all to your experiences. Keep it up!