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Movie Review: Loose Change Final Cut

Updated on July 11, 2015

The Loose Change Final Cut is a documentary that reveals the happenings behind the terror attacks of 9/11. The work relies on investigative journalism in presenting its evidence. From this investigative journalism, we find with not doubt that American government was involved in the 9/11 atrocities. This involvement was either through lack of involvement or by directing assisting the terror. What is practically insidious is the obstruction of justice by President Bush.

Loose Change Final Cut has practically presented a documentary film and just like a software, the film has included expanded information, creative tweaking and contains the user feedback. Many theories have been introduced in relation to the 9/11 events by the same people. However, Loose Change has dramatically dissected and indicated the response of U.S government in relation to 9/11 terror. The documentary goes beyond to offer evidence in regard to many queries surrounding the events of 9/11 terror that had been not addressed by either the commissions or the public officials.

In a answering queries, Loose Change has presented plenty of expert interviews, news clips, witness testimony, graphical recreations and a challenge to official response to the events that preceded the attack of the twin towers. Interestingly, the film has not blamed any particular entity or person and instead, it leaves the viewer to make his or her own conclusion. However, an exception is when Zeitgeist-like call to arms near the end of the movie.

In this film, there are various powerful moments which could give pause even to the strongest doubter. Around 2/3 of the film is concerned on the WTC tower #7 and the status which it was at the time of the collapse. Interestingly, WTC #7 harbored offices for the SEC, IRS, the secret service and the NY office of emergency which is not only self generating but also bomb and bullet proof. The tower is clearly portrayed standing on the background as another continues to speak about its crush. The film maker is showing the mistakes committed by the BBB and CNN reporters who indicated that the building had collapsed while in real sense, it had not.

While it cannot be considered as being a one sided film, Loose Change has nonetheless benefited fro the non conspiratory alternatives and contrary evidence. For instance, the author or film maker has employed collapse times in proving that the twin towers collapsed out of explosion and not from the plane’s impact. The time lapsed implosion is portrayed as being consistent or parallel with the free fall that could occur from a building demolition. This kind of evidence automatically refutes the assumption that fires that had been fuelled by diesel were the cause of disintergration and loosening of the structure.

This evidence is offered as a refutation of the theory that diesel fueled fires caused the tower’s tube-like structure to loosen and disintegrate


The documentary “Loose change”, could be compared to a film. A part from neatly structured, the documentary has been well organized and presented and has effectively broken down the occurrences of 9/11 into nuggets of information. The film has once again showcased the significance of investigative journalism as one of the keystone to democratic society. Further, this power is able to challenge the rulers on the balance of reasonable doubt and probabilities. The film brings into light the 9/11 Commission's official report and how the key witnesses were handled. In general, the film has been cunningly constructed and that there is no doubt that it is convincing to the viewer.


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